FS Really Mint Fly Rods for Sale!


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Last call as I will be removing the remaining rods from the post tonight and will no longer be for sale after.

I am posting some rods that just never made it in the rotation and most never saw water or had a reel mounted to them. I am the original owner of all the rods & bought them all brand new. All prices listed include shipping anywhere in the lower 48. These are my bottom prices on the rods so no need to wonder if I will mark them down as that won't happen. Please message me for more pics or questions. Everyone please be safe out there.

7 1/2' 3wt WINSTON B3X- Asking $old

11' 7wt Winston B2X- Restocked

10' 8wt Loomis NRX- Asking $old

13.3' 7/8wt Winston B2T- Asking $old

9 1/2' 6wt Winston B3X- Asking $old

8 1/2' 4wt Winston B3X - Asking $old


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