SRC fisherman at Elliott Bay Marina on Saturday in 200HP outboard


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If you have a 200 HP (Yamaha?) on your boat and talked with me while I passed you in a sailboat at Elliott Bay Marina, will you PM me? I am dying to ask you one more question!


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Donny, you're out of your element...
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Missed connections...
Missed connections were so awesome, it is a true shame they have vanished. The Stranger used to have a whole section of them. A constant parade of amazing unrealistic and over-interpreted gestures and instant/mostly one way attractions. This could be a sorta funny distraction e.g,

You: wearing sealskinz, a bikini and an N95, casting to rising fish
Me: looking at you from the balcony of the Diamond Princess a quarter mile away
Our eyes met. How's February 2021 look for coffee and talking bout what kind of 5 wt to buy?

You: Wearing a bathrobe and looking a little rough trying to tie a Miyawaki popper out of foams from-Jesus, you sick drunk bastard- salvaged, still-filthy, Styrofoam meat trays
Me: Census taker who shouted at you to just open the goddamn door and talk to me for a minute after you called me a gear-chucking douche AND a risk to humanity AND a wolf-hugger
Let's settle this like real men, man-to-man, on Zoom, or if you can't handle that, like mouth-breathers, on Facetime

You: Nonchalantly picking up your weiner-dog's crap from my front lawn, shaking your golden locks in the sun while a rainbow formed in the background and time- but not odors- basically stood still
Me: Wearing only my fancy Simms gardening waders with the reinforced knees, a shard of Mexican feather grass in my teeth, like an urban rube who most rational people would instantly hate
We talked about how I was taking Vitamin D and you were more of an Elderberry/ACAI berry/crystal therapy sorta gal. I would love to talk more about heuristics, and think, despite our differences of opinion on the merits of Vaccine therapies and my aversion to alternative medicine (and yours to western medicine) that maybe, if our connection was really real, that you could rub lotion on my sunburn when this is all said and done?
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There could be a forum for them.

You: Wearing an orange reflective vest with a clouser stuck on the shoulder and squeezing between the cars on the 8:10 Seattle/Bremerton ferry with a full bladder.
Me: Driving the Subaru Forrester with the fly fishing stickers and wearing a buff as a makeshift N95. I liked your felt-soled "work boots." I'd like to share notes about "essential travel."

The forum would, of course, be overrun by steelhead malcontents.

You: Chest deep in the middle of the boulder run executing a 13-point "Skagit cast" and ruining "first-water."
Me: Watching you through the tree branches as the butt-sweat from my 1 hour bushwhack turns cold. **** you and your watermaster.
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You: On a South Sound beach, smoking a stogie. Salt and pepper beard, a spey rod in hand.

Me: Fellow beach fly fisherman.

You were talking about good local corn dog establishments, but I‘ve forgotten where you recommended.

You: An orange-haired gentleman on a South Sound Skiff.

Me: A witness

I saw you “fishing” south of Ollala. You claimed you were using a special fly, hence the numbers you were putting up, but I saw the truth. You were using dynamite.
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Donny, you're out of your element...
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You: Holding a large fish above your head with no shirt, your flowing brown tresses, your mustache bracketing your 1000 watt smile, so full of radiant joy
Me: On seeing you, and that fish, I was overcome with the vapours

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules... Care to administer some smelling salts?
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