I Will Never Fish The Cedar again!


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Damn Bhudda, that sucks! I'm glad that you and Curtis weren't hurt too bad.

I probably won't consider fishing the Cedar anytime soon either! Just too many people even without crap like this happening.

I hope you guys consider filing a police report and giving the police any details that you can remember. They may not be caught this time, but it will let the cops know that there is an area they need to check out, although they should already know that!

Maybe someone who helped organize the clean up can talk to some of the City of Renton people they worked with and see if this will get more enforcement down in the area too!

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Bhudda, that sucks man, **** like that really makes you doubt human nature, not just the drunkeness and fighting, but the excessive littering (right after an extensive effort has obviously been put forth to pick it up) and most of all the bottle breaking. Im with Backyard, maybe we are bringing the wrong equipment. My question is where the **** is the legal enforcement, if I forget my license in the car Im afraid Im gonna get pinched, yet these idiots are literally destroying a fishery that has taken years to build. Who knows, just seems like problem after problem and nothing is being done about it.


That's an awesome story, glad you're ok. Wish I was there to help you. I avoid that river for that very reason, too many freakshows getting their funk on.


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I've moved to this state 6 years ago...and have seen a 'big' change in little old Bellingham. More homeless junkies tripping over toothpics...trying to bum money for another trip, but can't because they can't talk and stand at the same time! Any place that is "green" becomes a tent camp. Had the 'pleasure' to golf with the assistant chief of police...he informed me that Bellingham is badly undermaned...like many other jurisdictions...he went on to say that the average cop has 9 scuffles a week (with as many as 3 per shift) trying to handle the junkies that are taking over.

Bhudda hope all is well...if you swapped blood I'd seriously think about seeing a doctor...God only knows what these freak shows have flowing in their veins!


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First I'll echo the rest, that sucks.

At first glance it I could feel I don't have a dog in this fight and cruise right on by this thread, I mean the Cedar is a long ways from my stomping grounds, but on second that I do have a stake in what happened, we all do.

As soon as we "give up" something because of the poor, unethical, belligerent behavior of low life's, whether it's a playground for the kids or a nice stretch of river where we like to float a fly the animals have won and we have lost.

When there are no caring eyes on the water, what or who helps prevent abuses to the resource? It is only by making our presence felt in numbers that we can affect a positive outcome.

I'd say rather than all you guys up there swearing off the river, maybe you should all hook up en masse and go fish it or at least do a patrol of it. I'm not saying go out like a gang looking for trouble, but go out and inform the local lowlife's there are a lot of people who enjoy what they are screwing up and you're not going to stand for their abuses of the resource. Tell them there are a lot of eyes on the water and if you catch them abusing it you'll turn them in.

Take along a digital and get some action and face shots. Take pictures of license plate numbers and cars. Keep your cell phone handy. Inform the local authorities, not only about the abuses you run across, but of what you are doing and why. Ask them how you can best protect yourselves as you go about reclaiming your river. Many times local authorities are loathe for citizens to "take matters into their own hands" and might not be very helpful at first, but if you respectfully press them and let them know you are going to be out there with or without their support they often have some good ideas on how best to proceed.

I used to feel bad about turning people in, especially the guy with a couple of kids drowning worms where no bait is allowed, but you know what, they need learn how to read the reg book. Now I give people one chance and then I just turn them in.

A while back I caught a couple of guys fishing bait in a selective rules area. I took pictures of them holding up fish. I took pics of their car and their license plate. I went looking for an officer, not always the easiest thing to find up in the sticks. I eventually went into a USFS ranger station, after hours, and said I had a game violation to report and I wasn't leaving until someone took the report. Well they not only took the report but by the time I was back on the water, they had an enforcement officer there talking to the guys. Their claim of not knowing kind of fell on deaf ears when the gamey pointed out the sign right behind them that clearly stated "NO BAIT". As I went back to my fishing he was asking for their autograph and tossing their car.

I share this story not to make myself big in some manner but to illustrate we can have a positive impact on what's happening out there. We just have to tolerate the interuption of our schedule to make it happen. I'll bet those two guys don't fish bait there again, especially when they don't know when someone is going to come around the bend. But if they know we all are staying away because of the nonsense that goes on, then they know they are safe to do whatever they want.

Don't give up your river, go reclaim it. You owe it to yourself and to future generations to protect and preserve the resource.

Hope I don't sound too critical, not trying to be, just recognizing we have to start taking back what is ours.

I may sound like a wussy for saying this, but if you have a description of the guy, his car, etc. you might want to report it to the police. He assulted you. It sucks that people want to get in your grill for doing the right thing. It really sucks when it ruins a day of fishing. You did the right thing. Now report it so that the cops might increase patrols.

All I can say is, If someone started chucking rocks at me, they might get what's left of what use to be 90mph fastball back at them. :mad:
That is a pretty crazy day, but I would have to agree with Wes. I don't think anyone should just stop fishing it. It is still a very valuable resource, especially here on the westside of the mountains. If the people who respect it the most stop using it and protecting it, then we will lose it. I have fished the Cedar a lot and have been lucky enough not to experience anything like that, but after this story, I will definately be more alert to things like this.

Sorry about what happened man. Try not to let a couple of scum bags like that ruin the river for you.


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I agree with Wes, but also with Backyard, and Alpinetrout! Sort of a Charles Bronson "Death Wish" meets fly fishing. Bhudda's experience has been in the back of my mind everytime I see punks on the water...beer and flyfishing don't go well together...especially when you're not the one drinking!


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Sounds like the next Cedar clean-up needs to focus less on trash and more on the 'white trash'...

Personally I think there should be a complete ban of glass containers on any public area or at least around parks and water access.

I was with my kids last night on the sky and couldn't let them wade barefooted because of the 'camp site' nearby surrounded by broken glass.

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