FS Hardy LRH Lightweight Reel and Spool


Both reel and spool have been sold.

Reel and Spare Spool $300 shipped conus
Reel has a very few small dings (see pics) but is in great shape and perfect working order. I would rate the reel a 9.4 out of 10.
Lines are not included but backing is.
If someone just wants the spare spool I would part with it for $75 shipped conus.
20200325_130750.jpg 20200325_130800.jpg 20200325_130805.jpg 20200325_130822.jpg 20200325_130811.jpg
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FYI, if someone is just interested in the reel, let me know. I will probably have an ok time selling just the spool and am willing to make the split.

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