Birthday trout


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I don't post a lot on here but thought that since fishing appears to have been shuttered here in SW Washington, I'd share a catch from last week.
This was by far my biggest trout caught since I started fly fishing about 4-5 years ago.

Unamed lake in the Columbia River Gorge. (I'm sure some will figure it out).

25 1/2 inches, caught on my 5wt Echo Carbon XL with 3x tippet.


PS - Forgive the grip and grin. I told my buddy leave me out of it. :)



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Those stockers are heavy, but they fight like a wet noodle. I get them in fast and still they struggle to survive after a long attempt to revive them. Life in a cement pen not moving, then a long run....they are not built to travel far or fast.

Still fun when ya hook up.

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I caught a fish like that out of the 7 lakes area. It was leaking eggs all the way to the boat launch. Wife baked it. WE should of thrown the fish away and eaten the pan. Ugh.

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