Top 6 Mids


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Top - L to R, etc
Black n Red - Bose Lake favorite
Chromie - anyplace favorite
JK red butt - big bomber for BC
Olive Dairy - top three favorite in BC "red wire rib"
Fred - static bag pattern that has accounted for my biggest BC fish
Blood Worm - Sorry Ira, larvae (and that clear glass bead was a real meal deal one morning)

Really impossible to say what are my six favorite midge patterns. Sometimes none of the above. Purple People Eater on a lake near Kamloops kicked butt one day when a chromie the day before was go to: next day the chromie was ignored. Go figure.
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And if I am permitted to push the pupa edge a little further, I would include a #20 black Halo Midge emerger. I have caught some truly epic fish on that little fly.


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Just two for now. You get the idea.



Phil Fravel

True, midges are in the order Diptera, or “True Flies”, so I guess in a way those who fish midge patterns are “True Fly” fisherman. Caddisflies on the other hand are not in the order Diptera so fly fishing must not include those, right? Now come on, we all know better that the definition of fly fishing has changed and as such the definition of using chironomids in most fly fishing circles has also changed. Ask a person on a lake what they are using and they say chironomid, most will immediately assume that the person is using a representation of the pupal stage, in fact claiming you are fishing a mid/chironomid when in fact you are soaking a blood worm is really uncool, unless you are either highly ignorant, or a dick. I’ve been a dick before. The same could be said if you were fishing an emerger just under the surface and again claimed you were fishing a chironomid. So I’ll stick to my original Top 6 mids being the pupal stages. We fly fisherman like to break up the life cycles of aquatic insects.
Ive often found guys who are good at catching fish share info freely. I love watching people have fun on the water. And if you 100 feet away odds are your catching a fish i had little odds of catching anyway and Im not that greedy.

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