FS Two Scott SAS rods, two vintage Battenkill reels and a Rio Gold line


All prices include shipping in the CONUS. Paypal preferred. Please feel free to ask any questions.


Rio Gold WF7F in Moss/Gold - new in box. I ended up with two identical lines, only need one - SOLD

Scott SAS 9' 4wt 2pc. - $125

Scott SAS 9' 6wt 3pc - SOLD

Orvis Battenkill Disc 7/8, made in England - $95

Orvis Battenkill 3/4 (Click/Pawl), made in England - $110

Pics to follow ASAP.
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Scott SAS is the first "nice" rod I saved for and bought in college. Still fish it regularly. Nice classic medium graphite action. Great price here. Those reels are a great deal too. Wish I needed 'em.

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