How many of you guys are sleeping in the bed of your pickup?


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I watched a video today on a woman that is living in a new F-150 crew cab with a 6.5 bed and a cab high canopy. She was real proud of her setup but when I saw her crawl in there on her hands and knees and bang her head on the roof I could only wonder why. What is the appeal of a cab high canopy? Why would you not spend a few more bucks for the convenience and comfort of a canopy with a raised rear roof? On my truck the cab high section at the front is only 42'' high but at the rear it is 50". This is the difference between crawling in on hands and knees or walking in stooped over. I prefer the latter. My bed with mattress is 15'' tall and at the front I can't sit on it without my head hitting the roof. At the tall end I can sit straight up easily making getting dressed and cooking much more doable.

Since most guys are buying trucks with short beds these days the short canopies make them even more claustrophobic. If you are getting ready to buy that new $60K Belchfire 4WD and put a canopy on it I urge you to take a look at the raised roof models. You'll thank me later.

I custom ordered mine to get it just the way I wanted. I included the carpeted interior which is quieter and warmer and prevents condensation inside. In addition I bought the bright LED light option that lights it up at night like a hospital operating room-just brilliant. Also got the sliding front window but for another $50 they made the whole front window so it hinges down. As you know, once you put a canopy on and the windows between the truck and canopy get dirty you can never clean them again until you remove the canopy. With the fold down feature I can release 2 latches, fold the window down and clean the truck and canopy glass handily.

If you are on the wrong side of 60 or have lost that boyish physique you need to look into a taller canopy.

Greg Armstrong

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We used to sleep in one of those canopy ice boxes at deer camp - but it's been over 50 years ago now. Waking up at o'darkthirty and lighting the lantern to witness the frost and ice hanging from inside the roof was stunningly beautiful and suddenly awakening.

I don't do canopies anymore (we've gone to a full blown, self contained truck camper complete with hot water and a furnace, but if I did I'd follow your well seasoned advice and get the kind you describe and have it built out as you have done in the past Ive. Your ingenuity and design and execution of the plan is admirable!

Please keep us posted.
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Robert Engleheart

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I have the traditional cab-high on the Tundra, never thought about a higher one. I rarely sleep in the back but don’t have a problem crawling in/out if I do. I’m 66, maybe when I’m your age I’ll feel different . Thinking about it, a taller canopy would not work well with my Yakima racks that I use to transport my 10’6” pontoon.
The LED lights are great, better yet is the BedRug that insulates and protects my knees.


Used to sleep in it all the time. What Robert said - the reason for the cab-high (for me) is that I spend more time using the rack on top of the canopy to haul a kayak or raft than I do sleeping in it. And it's one hell of a lot easier to put things on a cab high shell than one that's raised. Plus when i'm sleeping in it, I'm sleeping - not walking around. ;)


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Same as Robert with his Tundra. Full length cot & thermarest. Beach chair up front and plastic totes under the cot. Small lantern that works for heat and a jetboil for coffee. Problem is leg cramps: nothing like waking up with a baseball sized cramp! Always had them ever since commercial fishing days, sleeping in a coffin sized bunk. My dad always got them also. Always liked incognito camping and still do it for short trips...not as enjoyable at 68!!

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I never could understand the cab high canopy either. I used to whack my head on the roof when I woke up in a cab high. I vowed never again. I love the high ceiling. It makes life way easier, until you put a kayak on top of it. I carry a ladder in the bed now.


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Way back when I had a 36" canopy, plywood cross ways on top of the bed rails for a bed. I could sit up to get dressed. Had a Colman lamp wired to the roof vent for light and heat. A couple of layers of card board and carpet on the floor. Got plenty cold in early spring and late fall, hard to get me out of that Eddie Bauer sleeping bag. Still using that bag a few years ago in the Bob Marshall, it's over 50 years old, real Eddie Bauer.


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I'd have a higher canopy, but I wouldn't be able to get it in my garage. We buy new vehicles and keep them for a very long time, and they simply stay in better shape if always it avoids the whole broken glass vehicle breakin problem.


I have always believed that your first pickup is just plain wrong. When I got my first, I made every bad decision! I corrected about 90% of the mistakes when I got my second pickup. Finally, my third truck turns out to be perfect, but times do change. After about 12 years, I really didn't need nor want the 4wd. the low axle ratios, the long box, manual 4-speed transmission, 12" higher camper top, and the 6 to 8 MPG (in two-wheel, & around 4 in 4 wheel!!!). What can I say...

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