How many of you guys are sleeping in the bed of your pickup?

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I have owned pick-ups my whole adult life, but never put a canopy on. To many memories as a kid, I was the baby, I always got elected to stack the firewood in the bed, lord my back hurts just thinkin about it. Wall tents and trailers for me.....but Ive, I am amazed at your craftmanship in all your builds.


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Used to sleep in it all the time. What Robert said - the reason for the cab-high (for me) is that I spend more time using the rack on top of the canopy to haul a kayak or raft than I do sleeping in it. And it's one hell of a lot easier to put things on a cab high shell than one that's raised. Plus when i'm sleeping in it, I'm sleeping - not walking around. ;)

I keep a small collapsible stool with me when I'll be loading/unloading something heavy on the roof rack.
I watched a video today on a woman that is living in a new F-150 crew cab with a 6.5 bed and a cab high canopy. She was real proud of her setup but when I saw her crawl in there on her hands and knees and bang her head on the roof I could only wonder why. What is the appeal of a cab high canopy? Why would you not spend a few more bucks for the convenience and comfort of a canopy with a raised rear roof? On my truck the cab high section at the front is only 42'' high but at the rear it is 50". This is the difference between crawling in on hands and knees or walking in stooped over. I prefer the latter. My bed with mattress is 15'' tall and at the front I can't sit on it without my head hitting the roof. At the tall end I can sit straight up easily making getting dressed and cooking much more doable.

Since most guys are buying trucks with short beds these days the short canopies make them even more claustrophobic. If you are getting ready to buy that new $60K Belchfire 4WD and put a canopy on it I urge you to take a look at the raised roof models. You'll thank me later.

I custom ordered mine to get it just the way I wanted. I included the carpeted interior which is quieter and warmer and prevents condensation inside. In addition I bought the bright LED light option that lights it up at night like a hospital operating room-just brilliant. Also got the sliding front window but for another $50 they made the whole front window so it hinges down. As you know, once you put a canopy on and the windows between the truck and canopy get dirty you can never clean them again until you remove the canopy. With the fold down feature I can release 2 latches, fold the window down and clean the truck and canopy glass handily.

If you are on the wrong side of 60 or have lost that boyish physique you need to look into a taller canopy.

-A. R. E. MX?

-For all of the folks worried about not being able to access the roof racks, I was able to overcome that problem with a $15 folding stool.

-I can't imagine going back to a cab-high canopy. I get the sense from the few people I've talked to about why they selected the canopy that they did, and it mostly seemed to come down to aesthetics. It was either they liked the fact that they looked more like an SUV, or that it made their truck look like an "old man's" rig.

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I don’t understand why some people make the back of their trucks so nice they can’t be used as a truck anymore. Why not just get a van?


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I don’t understand why some people make the back of their trucks so nice they can’t be used as a truck anymore. Why not just get a van?

You are right-you don't understand! :D In my case I have another utility vehicle as well as a trailer. And the beauty of my system is that it is 5 modular lightweight pieces that index on factory loops and can be removed in minutes. When I take out the travel trailer I empty the Casa and carry a boat(s) in there.

I would love to buy a new van and do a build on it but I have too much stuff already, there is no place to store another rig out of the weather.

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I only sleep in the bed of a pickup when I am in the dog house with the ole lady. When I am in real trouble I grab a hotel room for a few days... BTW my pickup has a short bed (5 and a half feet) and cab high canopy and I am 6'4" which is not compatible at all...

I have had class A's, 5th wheels, trailers and campers. Time to check out a class C I guess...
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That is really cool. 1 year waiting list and as luck would have it...I have an 8 ft. bed on my!

The waiting list sucks. But, they make them to fit the Tundra. If I move outta the city I might consider getting a Tundra - but I would wait until my GFC was done first. I really like this thing.


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Man, camping in those short bed Tacoma's with a cab high canopy has to be Tojo's revenge! :eek: :eek: Not many guys remember Tojo though....


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I loved my 94 f 150 long bed set up a cot and tons of room to spare

Oh, it's a great option for sure. For me it's the best option, because I don't like when I have room for 1 person only. Most of the time, I simply need something like this organic bedding set, and it will help to sleep me, no matter how tired I am, or even if I'm not tired enough for the complete sleeping time.
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I slept in the back of my pickup (with canopy) from high school to my late 40's, camping for fun but also weeks each year doing field work. Finally bought a popup camper in my late 40's and moved to a travel trailer a few years later.

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