FS Anyone need some Gink?


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If anyone is interested I have about give or take 50, 125 bottles of Gink that I'd either gladly send out to folks for the cost of shipping or, if they wish they can swing by my joint and I'll drop whatever quantity you desire into your hands at no cost. These were from my adopted sons dad who died and had a habit of buying out businesses stock when they closed.

Either way PM me. I trust you all enough to just say I'll bill you on paypal after shipping. Just cleaning shop before I die of Corona virus, old age, bus stop(failure to stop) while crossing the street, etc. ;)


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I'm working through some major PMs. Give me a bit of time and I'll start sending it out in the next day or so. Happy fishing.


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I'll take a few if not all are spoken for. Will PM you and happy to pay shipping!

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