Where do I fish in Washington

I am in the Navy and was just transferred here from PA. I know nothing about the area. I live in Silverdale. Where can I go fly fishing for Brook trout, rainbows etc. near Silverdale. What are some good streams? I am not afraid to walk.

Any help would be appreciated. Please feal free to e-mail me at npcondict@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance!


Rob Blomquist

Formerly Tight Loops
Brook trout and rainbows are more likely to be found in lakes than rivers in Washington. If you are jonesing for trout in streams, look into the Forks of the Snoqualmie, the Yakima River, and Rocky Ford Creek. For more info on lake fishing in the Kitsap Penninsula area, see www.washingtonlakes.com. Right now, most fly fishers are looking toward the fall to for lake trout fishing. Most lakes are now too warm for good fly fishing for trout.

Almost all streams have populations of Cutthroat, but many will small. Most of the river and stream fishing, with the exception of a few places, is for steelehead and salmon. The summer run steelies are currently in the rivers, and the salmon are soon to arrive. Seach the archives here for more on fly fishing for steelies.

Salmon can also be caught on the beach along with sea-run cutthroat. You can search the archives here, and you can visit www.pugetsoundflyfishing.com for more focused info.

Another good site for you is http://www.ptangler.com/ as that site has a message board that is frequented by folks on your side of Puget Sound. And its a good little fly shop.
The nearest fly shop to you is the Northwest Angler in Poulsbo, http://www.NWAngler.com/.

Enjoy your visit here. And learn to love our fly fishing possibilities, there aren't many places where fly fishing is as good as this, and as varied. Just get used to fishless days. The fish are bigger, but harder to catch.

Oh, and a word on tackle: sea-run cutts and summer steelhead 6-7 weight, winter steelhead and all salmon 7-9 weight. And at least 100 yards of backing on everything. Salmon and steelhead will show you its color all too frequently.

Good luck.

Just to add one additional thought to the info Tight Loops gave, you might also consider hooking up with the Kitsap Fly Anglers. They meet 7-9 PM on the first Wednesday of every Month at the Island Lake Community Center in Silverdale.