Steelhead fly rod what weight?

Jim Darden

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I agree with dustinchromers, an 8 or 9 wt single hander should handle everything you will encounter and be a useful tool for your other fishing. The next one to consider would be a 7 wt two hander about 13 ft long. For years I used my 8 wt for everything, lakes, rivers, streams, and salt water. Now I can afford to be picky and have everything from 3 to 13 wt and a range of two handers as well. Beware the two handers, they can be addictive and send you into a zen like trance...


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I love my Sage XP-8100 for steelhead for any time of year. One of my favorite rods I own.

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
You can catch a Medalhead with a 5wt I did once nearly drown too I would just get a 8wt if it's big enough to break that you will have a great story to tell your friends and kids :D

Nooksack Mac

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The answers above are close to the mark, and they follow from your question. But some qualifyers arise from related parameters. First, how big are you - and I'm really asking: how strong are you? As overwhelmingly popular as nine foot rods are, steelheaders are inclined to prefer slightly longer ones, to cast a bit farther, and to mend line better. Some strapping lads regard ten footers as ultimate weapons; others, like me, are more comfortable with 9 1/2 footers. An eight weight is great for most purposes, except for casting large, heavily weighted flies. Nowadays, there are a variety of sinking line tips or heads. But better yet for slinging mass is a two handed, or spey, rod, and a Skagit head coupled with a suitable sink tip.


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I would go longer than 9'. When I am in a boat or raft I like a 10' 7wt. When you give Spey fishing a go, start with lessons and try a bunch of different rods. I rarely use a single handed rod anymore.

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