Tiger King.


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I have no words.

I have nothing useful to say, nothing insightful to add, none of my typical witty and hilarious jokes to conjure up a smile...just nothing.

The only thing I can offer is please watch, and please watch some more.

Thank you.

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Just vastly stranger, more sordid, and more American than even the most delirious imagination could make up. I lived 1-3 hours from there for more than two decades and had no idea what kind of fun I was missing out on.

Bob Rankin

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And what was up with the husband that had like six teeth, covered in tattoos and never wore a shirt...? :):)

Chris Bellows

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Just reinforces the truth that cat people are fucking nuts... the bigger the cats the bigger the psychosis.

Joe was guilty but also set up.

Carol definitely fed her second husband to the Tigers.

The Cat guy in Myrtle Beach, SC was the weirdest of the bunch though imo.

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