Tiger King.


Old, awful and ugly.
Watched episodes 5 and 6 today. First time I've ever watched a TV show where the cast members all seem to have been scraped from the bottom of the human white trash bucket. I'm probably naive in that I didn't think the supply of white trash is that abundant.
Don't get out much do you?


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I'd say it peaked mid season and left a lot up in the air at the end. Oh, and Carol is the most evil out of all of them. The rest of them are just some mix of F'd up and crazy.



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Finished the last episode yesterday. Joe is bat shit crazy, but I'm not convinced he's really guilty of murder for hire. Maybe it was in the presentation, but it seems like poor Joe got railroaded, given that so many people keep large cats in the U.S., even though it violates federal wildlife laws. Weird series and story, that's for sure, more questions than answers.


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For real? Let me remind you that Carroll Baskin bitch killed her husband and Joe Exotic will get to the bottom of it.
hopefully he doesn’t get to the bottom of the meat grinder because then my tattoo won’t make any sense.

Spent the last couple hours going back and forth with a coworker about the possibility of the kid from Swiss Family Robinson being Joe Exotics estranged father. I thought getting out of my 14 day quarantine would sober me up but I’m only going further down the rabbit hole. Send help.

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