The "stay at home" photo thread!


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This was photographed from my yard.
A week earlier on the way to work I had seen one of these, and wished I had had my camera.

On this particular morning, driving out my gravel drive I saw this bird straight in front of me and up, on a wire. I did not get a photo of it there.

Being stealthy, it dropped to the ground, got concealed in the sagebrush, then went up on the wire on my other corner border.


True confessions, this was before social distancing and home isolation.
Had to go in to work this morning, thought I'd take a few snaps from the car.

Not strictly "Stay at Home", but hey, I'm going from home to work in my car, then back home, it says so right here on my form, Officer (when you step out of the house, you need to carry a signed form stating place of departure and arrival , and why you're doing so, with only 3 reasons allowed: essential work related, urgent medical need, urgent need to be specified, e.g., shopping for food).

The Home Ministry has created quite a kerfuffle here by saying yesterday (March 31) that small children (they didn't specify how small, therein creating a scenario for confusion. We're in Italy, after all) can now leave the house to take a walk around the block with a maximum of one parent. Various regional governors, together with other concerned citizens, are up in arms, "Are you stonking mad?! Now is not the time to ease up on the lockdown, etc., etc.!"

Anyhoo, here are the pics. Still not great, but it gives you an idea of what the morning rush hour in downtown Rome is currently like. A 45-minute grind in normal days took me 17 minutes today.

An oldish amphitheater, AKA the Colosseum (72-80 AD)

Looking towards the Forum Boarium, the ancient cattle market. In the left background is the Temple of Portunus (100-80 BC)

Almost at work, still plain sailing in what is usually one of the busiest thoroughfares in Rome

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Flies from Billy Mac! The Graboid and others. I pestered him into tying them up for me! Traded something for him to drink! And some Chum Baby's and others from @Bob Triggs !!

Bottom picture, flies from a ton of places. Some from a fly swap! Just stuff I found in bags, cigar boxes and tubes, plastic containers from AATF and other places. Just wanted to get them in a box and will move them around as I continue to organize!

The fly box I bought at Orvis, when I worked there, just to organize or tie some stuff and fill it up! I haven't tied any of these flies... but will go out and fish them!

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Bottum picture top row 2nd from the left is a Silver Brown, I probably tied it at Tobbies wine bar when we did tying nights there.

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I like the sparse looking material. What materials did you use?
After the Angora goat body it goes Purple Saltwater Hackle, Marabou(stripped on one side and only 2 turns) then just some pink grizzly hackle and topped with a pink ringneck rump feather. The dubbing ball bump and the stiff saltwater hackle holds that fine marabou out nicely.

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