The 3rd week (forced final) report (Secret Lake)

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So, the last and final week of my stay started colder than the first for several days. The snow on the hills held on for a good part of the week. We had another couple days of blowing, but I was able to squeeze in several hours on those days, one was really productive for me and the swallows.


The lake is in the same condition, water clarity is still 2ft with the color green/brown. The lake is still about 1.5 feet low water, I think this will come up once the irrigation really starts to happen up on the plateaus. I will be contacting the Ephrata WDFW Biologists to discuss the water clarity and fire impacts. I believe we might be in trouble with the “powder/ash” soil conditions around the lake, just my theory. I hope the lake doesn’t die off.


Had a nice St. Patrick’s day fire and beverages. It was a great night to visit and catch up with several “fishing friends” that I seem to only run into in March at the parking lot. With the current state of “virus fear” and “social distancing” we should consider the people in our “online community” and those that we have been blessed to meet over the years, via fishing, as “Our Community”, and embrace and cherish these connections. I believe that I would rather stay away from “political” discussions so I will still keep these connections, lets just fish together, share stories of previous years adventures and fish, and share in family updates.


The fishing continued to get a bit better, until the planting truck showed up (March 19th). I have always felt that catching slows a bit once a lake is planted (unless you want to catch “catchables”), seems like the “bigger” fish don’t like being pushed/crowded by the planters. This was an interesting “planting”. I was just coming in for the day after the plant had happened, and as I came in realized that the plant truck again had buried itself in the “soft sand” at the top of the sand launch (this isn’t the first time the plant truck has been stuck hear or at the end of the gravel). So, I worked on a bit of “catch karma” and got my 1 ton Dodge (and a shovel which the WDFW truck didn’t carry) and pulled the 1 ton dully Ford up the sand hill (hahaha a great Dodge commercial). The “karma” seemed to do the trick and as the week continued the catch rate went up. I also learned a lesson, don’t look at your previous year journal while on the water. I looked up last years numbers and became disheartened, because even with the previous year late ice start the numbers were WAY higher than this year.


I had planned on “sheltering in place” in the trailer, in the pram, and on the water since I had been there and healthy since Feb 27th. Then several Gubernatorial decisions and then changing his mind again, caused WDFW to close all state lands to camping. So, just when the catching and lake conditions (temp and bugs) were getting better, I was evicted. I was taught and learned, please don’t “shoot the messenger” because sometime you might be the messenger. The young officer was respectful and said he understood where I was coming from, but I had to vacate. Remember the Enforcement Officers are OUR resource and there to protect our resources and enforce the laws, even if sometimes they might not agree with the choices of their superiors, i.e. closing state lands. Please be respectful (I saw another guy who wanted to argue with the officer).

Anyway, I am prepping for the next fishing trip come April or May, virus dependent. Again great to see and catch up with people from “Our Community”, @troutpocket @dp @Scott_Salzer and others.

The last week numbers...
Fish daily avg - 13.25
Hours fished daily avg - 5.25
Water Temp - 42 - 52

Tight Lines and Stay Healthy

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