Granger, Pflueger and Filson

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Can't fish so I'm killing time reading through a stack of old hunting and fishing magazines from the 20's and 30's. Ray Bergman was the go-to trout writer back then. Some great finds. Here's the March 1930 Hunting and Fishing ad which Granger Rods used to announce their new fly rods (Favorite, Deluxe and Premier) in 1930. A sentimental favorite because I own three Granger bamboo rods which I still fish.
Then there's this May 1931 Pflueger ad which featured the classic Pflueger medalist with the round line guard. I own more Pfluegers than any other reel.
And finally here's a 1929 Filson ad for forest green wool Field jacket. My grandfather owned this coat and when he died we gave it to my son.
Here's a picture of my son wearing the jacket today. Now that's quality manufacturing.
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Dave, WOW, your Granger ad actually fills in something that Michael Sinclair's book was unclear about. Sinclair's book did not show the Favorite available in the earlier 1920's 7630 model. But I had found that Favorite "7630" at that antiques store in Snohomish and had it restored by the great Scott Whitman who pretty much did a back flip when he figured out it was both a "Favorite" and a "7630." Your ad clearly shows that in 1930 Goodwin changed the name of the Goodwin Rod to the Favorite, and that was the last year the 7630 was made before they modified the taper to the heavier 7633 model. Thanks for sharing.


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