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You and me both! There are so many amazing tier's here on this site! I've loved learning techniques for these types of flies, and use them in my regular tying when I can! I've got some great books on tying Atlantic Salmon flies and will post of pictures of what I have!

Mark Mercer

2 hours and many restarts later, I’ve an even deeper and more profound respect for all the people who tie these for fun.

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Looks good, it takes a dedicated tier with a deep wallet and a lot of patient to get good at tying these. is a great place to learn from tiers from all over the world.
There's SBS's and tutorials that will show how complex they are and the skills to do them well. I really enjoyed the years I spent learning how to tie them and the challenge but don't tie them much anymore.
Good luck and don't get discouraged.
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wetline dave

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Jake, I caught the urge to tie these flies a few years ago. One thing I learned is that it is really easy to over dress a fly considering the amount of different materials in any given fly.

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Hey Jake,
Mark is spot on with the site recommendations, I would also recommend books by Bob Veverka, Micheal Radencich on salmon tying techniques. Good materials helps a lot and check out some of the finer threads like beniche in a size 12/0 it will reduce your build up of thread.

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