Top 6 Bloodworms


Indi "Ira" Jones
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Middle right and left have been some of my best catching bloodworm patterns.

The olive on the bottom left is highly effective when the bloodworms have a greenish tint. One trip to Sheridan, it was by far the best producing pattern out of 8 of us fishing.

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Ron McNeal

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Re. Middle Right - I'm a bachelor and love my freedom, so I've resisted (so far, and in spite of those damn Orvis "Moments of Chill" vids) getting a dog; but, I do have a goldfish and taught it to tie this pattern. Thanks (again), Ira.....

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Big Laker

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Just started pumping worms on March 15 before the shut down. A scaled down San Juan is really all you need but the "Gut Bomb" has saved the day on a few
occasions. Sometimes they really want that translucent green butt over the black butt variant. I was out fished 5 to 1 that day because he used a green sharpie for the ass end and mine was black sharpie. He was the greatest fly fisherman on earth for that small moment in time and enjoying every minute of it not loaning me one of his top secret worms because he knew tommorow those size 20 red butt Limeys would once again come off over deep water and it would be a whole different outcome:cool:. Here's 6 worms that have worked for me and a picture of the last worm fish to grace my presence. Hopefully they open it back up soon. Prime time bobber watching is fast upon us.



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A green or chartreuse butt has been a great fly for me, one of the lakes I fish out west has a lot of green in the bloodworms. I have a nail polish with a green UV type hue to it with a little metallic fleck to it that when painted over red thread really nails it. Sally Hansen’s “sunrise sunset.” Different colored thread and materials reacts differently to polish so it’s fun to experiment. Do the fish always care? Probably not but sometimes it seems to make a difference.

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