End of my RF Fishing 4 me

Greg Price

Love da little fishies
I started fly fishing because of Rocky Ford.
in the mid 90s, we visited my mil every month in soap lake, making the drive over Snoqualmie pass.

Boarded, I took up fishing 4 steelhead sized lahintion Cutties in lake Lenore with an ultralight spun tod and Steelie spoons reccomended and purchased from the soap lake booze store.

fly fishermen told me to check out RF. I was transfixed by the large trout csusually eating scuds off in Crystal clear water below the upper bridge.

we moved my MIL into our home in 2000. Her nephew was still in soap lake. His parents and brother eventually died, leaving him alone in a group home. He was an adult, but due to a tramtic brain injury at school, he had the mental capabilities of a 3 year old.

i started to visit him as he had no other family. We took many rides out around his home, got flat top haircut, shopped Walmart and always tried to have breakfast at Bob's in Moses Lake.

he was a true buddy. He passed away a week ago Friday of fluid on the lungs. A true fighter. This had tried to take him at least 3 times in the past 4 years. He had an excellent care giver who nursed him back to health after being out on hospice care 4 times in past several years.
He was main reason I fished Rocky Ford year round for past two decades. I will miss him and miss Rocky Ford. Not sure I am willing to drive that far just for the Ford.

Rest in peace Dick. You will be perfect in heaven. YOU will be driving the car as we ebrake and slide sideways going down the lower parking lot at mission ridge. I will spread your ashes there if they become available to me and after virus restrictions lifted.


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It seems to be a shitty time of year Greg. Condolences for the loss of Dick. It sounds like he really appreciated and was lucky to have you around.


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As fishermen our bond for adventure and stories with our fishing buddies will live in us for a lifetime. Sorry for your loss.

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Sorry for your loss. Sometimes it is best for the person to move on to a better place where they are whole again.

It is the positive memories that are so important. When looking back those memories will be cherished, shared, and provide solace to all. You are doing that. Keep up the good work!

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