Grill + smoke options?

Gary Knowels

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I think the gas + charcoal is the way to go.

I saw a big rig at Costco yesterday that was 2/3 WiFi pellet grill and 1/3 propane grill. Not for me, but it was interesting.

Been thinking about whether I want a pellet grill or not. The convenience would be nice for some occasions but I also really like grilling over charcoal sometimes. In my browsing I ran I to drum smokers that piqued my interest, especially the Oklahoma Joe Bronco. Does anyone have experience with them?


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I've got the Traeger Ironwood and love it. Not cheap to purchase or run but the convenience of having a wifi controlled convection pellet oven is amazing. It will smoke with temps 165-225. And with the right pellets it will hit searing temps. We did our Easter ham with it yesterday. I also have a weber kettle when I want to go traditional and do more hands on cooking


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I have a little Traeger Tailgater that is about perfect for smaller cooks, someday I'll upgrade to one of the larger WiFi models but wanted to make sure I'd use it. Gas grill is a must have too though in my opinion, some things just need that hot fast sear you can get with gas. Apricot glazed Easter spiral ham sure came out great on the Traeger!! 10F790D2-63C1-41D3-BFE4-2C1B9E1868C9_1_105_c.jpeg

Gary Knowels

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My I laws decided to gift us a gas grill as a belated house warming gift so that's coming tomorrow. For smoker I ended up getting the Bronco. It's pretty impressive. I really like the fact that I can adjust the height of the charcoal basket so I can use it as a drum smoker or a charcoal grill. The basket has a lift bar and comes with a hook so I can adjust it while hot.

After assembling and seasoning yesterday, I gave it a trial run. I filled the basket with mesquite lump charcoal and a few chunks of apple, lit it, and adjusted the intake and got it cruising at 255 degrees. Hung 2 racks of ribs for 90 minutes then added a tri tip. The trip tip hit 125 degrees in about 50 minutes so I pulled it and wrapped it and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then I pulled the ribs, sauced them and wrapped in foil and rested. I converted the unit to grill then seared of the trip tip first then caramelized the sauce on the ribs. Turned out ok for my first time making ribs.


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