SBS Wally wing Hatch matcher


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This is for Dave Boyle and forgive me for picture quality.
Material list:
hook: standard dry size 10
thread: nano silk 18/0 gray
dubbing: gray muskrat, or moose hair fibers
wing: teal flank feather
tail: teal flank feather
step one: prep teal tail and wing feathers FE7E2CA1-B4CD-4F12-9765-C716C3ED1873.jpeg
step 2: starting 2/3 up the feather separate and widen fibers to pull back

C3D5C1A9-6004-40DC-BFC9-B325C22A8024.jpeg step3 insert feather tip in the glue nozzle with care and pull thru to require length C7DC46DE-FFDC-449B-93CD-08BD0EEE7507.jpeg
step 4: tie in tail section clip off excess and carefully clip out the center of the tail fibers leaving two fibers on each side 2B2414F2-67D7-4538-A666-FB96650C64EB.jpeg
step 5: prep the larger feather for the wing and use the same technique as was performed on the tail section 085C48F8-68CB-4041-ADAE-461E9EF6652D.jpeg 8797FBBB-2FD2-4813-86A7-850FB70394E3.jpeg
step: 6 tie the wings forward to desired length and trim off the excess and the pull the feather upright and make a few turns of thread in front of the feather to keep it upright. 95C2CB9C-71CA-40A7-AEA9-09B266C8475B.jpeg
step 7: This is kind of tricky take three fibers on each side that are closest to we’re you have folded the fibers and separate from the rest of tip of the feather. D0C1495B-82E2-45D0-A486-2D01474E00F9.jpeg
step: 8 now grab the three fiber in one hand and with the other hand hold onto the tip and gently pull downward separating the fibers from the stem, repeat the same step on the other side and you wI’ll be left with the stem which I pull between the wing segments and tie down 12A89C4D-6B9F-4F3A-AEA6-6C21F186789D.jpeg
step 9: trim off the the excess fibers attach to the wing tips, dub your body, tie in you hackle and I dub the thorax and wrap you hackle and your good to go. Hope you guys enjoy this SBS EAA0E03C-1439-40DE-9DA3-60BA54085E8E.jpeg CEA0232F-A4C7-4BD7-9530-E68891E9B9D5.jpeg C4343A3C-9940-42FF-B136-CD1644740A1A.jpeg


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Finished fly looks great. Hard for me to follow the process though.
Thanks for posting.


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Viewing on my phone so probably not the greatest screen to to view on.
Plus my vision is somewhat compromised as well. It's all good.

Mark Kadoshima

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Pretty cool. So the same feather that makes the wings, also makes the tail? Does the feather have to be a waterfowl feather?


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You use two teal flank feathers one smaller for the tail/extended body. I found it best to use a bigger feather that has the equal length of fibers on each side of the feather for the wings. As far as waterfowl feathers mallard, teal, pintail are better for me, tried widgeon, lemon wood duck, gadwall are a little softer and were a little more work for the wings but worked fine for the tail and extended bodies. Hope that helps.

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