FS Echo Glass Switch 11' 7wt plus lots of extras **sold**

Randall Clark

Huge Fly Guy
I've decided that since I haven't used this rod in 2 years (and I don't steelhead fish as much as I used to & when I do, I prefer an SH rod), it's gotta go. I've used it less than a dozen times. Also included is an Airflo 420gr intermediate skagit (my go-to), an unknown ~400gr floating skagit (I think it's Rio), a 420gr Airflo Rage Compact (it really sings with this rod), a 420gr SA spey line (full line--It's like a skandi, not sure of the head length, only used once), a couple of 10' SA TC tips (I should be able to find these). I think that $SOLD shipped CONUS is more than fair for all of this.

All lines are in great shape, as is the rod. I'll try to get some pics up a little bit later today.

I hate to get rid of it as casting this rod brings a huge smile to my face....it's smooth as butter! Like I said though, I just don't use it and would like it to go to someone who would.

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