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I just binged watched Tom Clancy based movies. I have commented before but thought I would give a recommendation based on the latest binge...

I watched:
Tom Clancy's - Hunt for the Red October
Tom Clancy's - Sum of All Fears
Tom Clancy's - Jack Ryan Season 1 and 2 on Prime Video
Tom Clancy's - Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit
Tom Clancy's - Clear and Present Danger
Tom Clancy's - Patriot Games

IMHO Tom Clancy's - Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit is the best of the best. Well worth watching for suspense, action, and melding several themes within a book/movie into a great ending...


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I could watch this young woman Liziqi's youtube videos all day. Traditional Chinese crafts and cooking with really great video and sound production!

Here's one on making bamboo furniture:
Awesome video, she is really talented and makes it look so easy to do..


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My garden. So that I can see the feline that sneaks in to use my new raised beds for litter boxes. I' had set out some old style mouse traps, and camoflaged 'em, just to see what happened next. It took a few days. This morning, one had been sprung, and it was about 20"or so away from where I had set it. There was a cat's paw print next to where it had been. That indicates that it had nailed the invading cat. I surmise that the cat stepped on the trap, setting it off, and then freaked out, and shook off the trap. (All in the name of liberty....and "changing feline habits")
I am waiting to see what happens next.
Keep us posted on the outcome of the cat and mouse game, this is thrilling..!! I bet he got the hint and won't be back but you never know with these cat's and what they're thinking.. :rolleyes:


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Think I mentioned this one before but I watched it again last night, Take shelter starring Michael Shannon. What a superb actor he is!

Castle Rock Season two is arriving today so I will be binging on that one.


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I'm a movieholic that loves getting wrapped up in a great classic movie. There are some great classic movies that get turned into a weekly series for TV and for me I find it just ruins the whole movie. I can sit for 2 hours getting totally wrapped up in a plot of whatever kind but for a short 30 minutes or even a hour, I just can't see that happening. The program is over just as it's starting, it's too short a time frame to do the original movie any justice. For example "Star Trek" was a great movie but I found the continuing series to be just a wash, not worth my time to turn it on. I see that a lot of classics get turned into weekly series in hopes of keeping the original movie plot running on. Maybe I'm alone in this thinking, do others feel the same..?

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I watched an Australian movie the other day about some of there heros who served in Vietnam. A little overactive but it was pretty good. Called "Danger Close"


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A nice little movie called safety not guaranteed . It concerns the story of a writer at a Seattle magazine and two interns investigating a classified ad from someone seeking a partner for a time travel escapade. The guy turns out to be eccentric as expected and hi-jinks ensue. The movie has a real alternative rock vibe; dude from Guster did the soundtrack. If you have ever seen the movie Zero Effect, imagine the eccentricity dialed down and the sentimentality turned up a little and you'll get the general feel of it. Superb acting and good dialog, not to mention a twist ending, make this a feel good movie well worth watching. It also features a 15 mph car chase that is amusing as hell.


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I do not watch the NBA, in part because the season is just too long and there are too many games. It’s all i can do to follow the Seahawks season.

But this documentary on Michael Jordan and the Bulls on Netflix is really really good. I was so happy to find out it had ten episodes. Of course I knew who Michael Jordan was, but I had no idea at all just how amazing a player Michael Jordan was. Edited to add, that it really made me appreciate and like Dennis Rodman too. And especially Scottie Pippin.

Netflix labels Last Dance as season 1, so I’m hoping that they will have a season 2 and follow another athlete and their team. I would love to see a ten part series one on Marshawn Lynch!

Has anyone else watched this? 66A3D2E5-DBAF-460E-AE57-7BC59EEF3928.jpeg

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Echo in the Canyon on Netflix; documentary on LA music scene of ‘67-‘69 by Jakob Dylan. Interviews with Tom Petty, The Birds, Buffaloe Springfield, Brian Wilson, Ringo Starr and many others. Interspersed with clips from a 2015 concert with Jakob Dylan, Beck, Fiona Apple and other younger musicians in a tribute concert to the old classics. Didn’t realize The Beach Boys Pet Sounds is credited as inspiration for Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club. Some seminal groups left out: The Doors, Joni Mitchell, Love, but overall a good production.

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