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I’m loving “Mare of Easttown” with Kate Winslet. I DVR and saved two episodes at a time before watching cause i know that the Netflix binging has spoiled me and i can’t stand to wait a whole week before watching another. Kate is great in this. And i also love Jean Smart too! But i didn’t recognize Guy Pearce at first. He looks so much thinner and older.


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OH!!!!! Ha! @Clarkman I LOVE Pulp Fiction so much and probably have watched it 263 times too.

I used to say that Pulp Fiction could be a litmus test for me back in the day about who i might want to date. If a guy hated Pulp Fiction i don’t know that we would be compatible. My husband (but not married when it came out) and i went to that movie with another couple. The other couple were disgusted by the movie. We both loved it so much and wanted so badly for John Travolta to win the Oscar that year.

We don’t see that couple anymore. Hahahaha... (But not really because of the movie.)
That is so awesome!


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Surprised that there's so much out there about this subject. Looking forward to seeing this report that our "government" is supposedly releasing this Summer. Could be that many will be really shocked..... Could be the biggest thing to "happen" to Earthlings since The Flood.
Anyone else a bit curious about this?

Speaking of retro, you might look for Project Blue Book

and @Jojo , Superbad got us dropped like that. They were boring anyway

Oh yeah, also enjoying Friday Night Dinner, a very dry , funny look into a British family’s weekly dinners.
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I have that movie too lol but Jeremiah Johnson was the first Redford movie I remember ever seeing. I was in boy scouts and we were all huddled in sleeping bags around a wood stove in a cabin. My best friend's mom brought a TV and a vhs player and put it on. Since then I've been fascinated with with being a mountain man lol
If you don’t know about Dick Proenneke you will love him. He's my hero.


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Just started the latest seaon of Line of Duty...for those who haven't watched this gem, 5 seasons on tap...excellent british series about crooked cops and those who investigate them
Great choice, surf fish! Gut wrenching drama. It's actually an Irish production. Just started new season. The bar is high, from the previous seasons. 2 thumbs up thingys.


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I just finished binge-watching 3 seasons of Mr. Robot. Rami Malik in a speculative fiction cyber hacker drama. Gnarly as all get-go.


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I just finished watching the "Lupin" series on Netflix. Having visited our daughter several times when she lived in Paris and doing some travel in France, this series was fun just from looking at some of the sights we've seen. The plot was good, fast and entertaining.


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I have been watching the Waltwins on YouTube. They are goofy as hell but they cook exclusively on the Blackstone griddle so I do learn a few tricks from them....

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Robert - I thought season 7 was last year. I guess I better check it out more carefully. A really great series.
It’s the latest, came out in March(I think).
I started watching Justified on Hulu; watched it when it came out originally in 2010(?) but never saw the last series. One of my all time favorites after Bosch. Based on books by Elmore Leonard, one of the best crime writers ever.

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