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It’s the latest, came out in March(I think).
I started watching Justified on Hulu; watched it when it came out originally in 2010(?) but never saw the last series. One of my all time favorites after Bosch. Based on books by Elmore Leonard, one of the best crime writers ever.
I started watching Bosch night before last. Thanks for the heads up.

I see Justified is available to buy or rent on Prime.


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"Dark Waters" - gotta love DuPont!
Since PFOA (a chemical used to make Teflon) is not regulated, Robert's team argues that the corporation is liable, as the amount in the water was higher than the one part per billion deemed safe by DuPont's internal documents. In court, DuPont claims that the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has found that 150 parts per billion is safe. The locals protest and the story becomes national news. DuPont agrees to settle for benefits valued at over $300 million. As DuPont is only required to carry out medical monitoring if scientists prove that PFOA causes the ailments, an independent scientific review is set up. To get data for it, Robert's team tells the locals they can get their settlement money after donating blood. Nearly 70,000 people donate to the study.

Seven years pass with no result from the study.

The scientific panel contacts Robert and tells him that PFOA has been linked to two cancers and four other diseases. At dinner with his family, Robert is informed that DuPont is reneging on the entire agreement (this part sound familiar in today's world of Corporate crooks)!. Robert decides to take each defendant's case to DuPont, one at a time. He wins the first three multimillion-dollar settlements against DuPont, and DuPont settles the remaining more than 3,500 disease cases for $671 million.

Sometimes the good guys still win!


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Started watching "Mandalorian" Pure escape entertainment for sure.
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Our library's options seem to have thinned out over the course of the pandemic. I've gone in several times for recent movies, and all of them seem to have been straight-to-video. So, I'm going to point out two that I watched that were awful:

Cosmic Sin. It's got Bruce Willis. As you know, he tends to only play Bruce Willis, smart-alecky dude. Not here. He seemed hesitant, mumbling his lines (maybe he was embarrassed about being in the movie). It was probably the worst movie I've watched all the way through in years (I tend to stop movies I hate, rather than invest the full 90 minutes or so on drek). Mercifully short at 88 minutes.

Monster Hunters. Okay, so Milla Jovovitch is easy on the eyes, and Ron Perlman is also in it, but again, not a great movie (but better than the one above). It seems to end in mid-scene. I guess it's based on a video game, so I shouldn't have expected more.


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The series "Nine Perfect Strangers" on Hulu is pretty great. I'm also liking "Reservation Dogs" on Hulu.


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Finished watching season 7 of Bosch. That was a heck of a good TV show. Gonna' miss it.
I really enjoyed the Amazon series as well. So much so that I started over watching them over again. And I'm rereading the Bosch books (trying to do them in order) - kind of fun picking out the "based on" parts of the film series compared to the books. Honey Chandler's role in the books ended rather abruptly.....

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"Mohammad Ali" starting Sunday night (after the Chiefs game of course), in my opinion, love him or hate him, one of the more compelling figures of the late 20th century.



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I normally don’t do too many cop shows for a variety of reasons but I thought the Bosch series were well done.

Currently I’m enjoying Ted Lasso on Apple TV. I find it refreshingly positive. I guess it’s new cuz there’s only a season and a half available. The second season gets a little serious in my opinion….but still has a good message….if you’re into that kinda thing.

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