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McMillion's is a pretty good documentary on the McDonald's Monopoly game rigging scandal.


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I might watch this again, it was so good (just released for free online):



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You are a bad influence.
I got ensnared by Tiger King. Must be exactly like getting addicted to Meth.
If I never hear the two words "Tiger King" again.. it will be too soon...

I watched the Replacement Killers this afternoon! Love that movie!

Now watching "Just Getting Started" which seems good and is a romantic comedy.. now I just need to go to Tinder and get some company over.. say honey, I've got TP and wine, and you look fine!!


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A wonderful movie, and the story of a beautifully brilliant human; Temple Grandin. It’s on HBO, and I think Netflix.
Great movie. Claire Danes, right? It’s been awhile. If y’all haven’t seen Mindhunter on Netflix it is excellent viewing. Two seasons .

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I might watch this again, it was so good (just released for free online):

Back in the early 70's I was ski bumming at Killington, Vt at a lodge just outside of Rutland. Two of our regular guests I skied with were actors in All My Children (soap opera). One of the guys was Richard Hatch who went on to play Lauren Green's son in the original Battlestar Galactica. I can't for the life of me remember the other guy's name, Richard Something. Last I saw him he had a drain in the middle of his forehead in an antihistamine commercial. Was fun hanging with these guys, cause the "snow bunnies" were drawn to them like bees to honey. Picture for reference LOL.
Hairbag ski bum 1973.jpg
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Wife and I have been taking turns watching (very) different shows. She likes baking/cooking shows. Not my first choice but I do like to cook so they can be interesting. My turn was season 1 of Fish or Die on Animal Planet. Fun show, but the locations are no joke. To the point the "Die" part seems a legit possibility. Was fun hearing my wife say "these guys are idiots!" every time they encountered a big spider, snake, or other creey-crawlies. Also heard a lot of "you're NEVER fishing there!". I like fishing exotic locations but not that extreme. Twenty years ago I'd have been all over that.
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I usually put the idiot box on for noise mostly. I don't watch day time TV very much. I do like cooking shows. and watch a few fishing shows. But the movies that have had on lately I wouldn't walk across the street to watch. They are really shitty.


Been watching a bunch of Ronnie O'Sullivan snooker videos. He's a once-in-a-century player. Had some attitude problems when he was younger, but seems to be a great competitor in the past several years.


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I'm kind of a geology nerd. I found a large series of videos on youtube regarding our regional geology, especially focused on Washington: Nick Zentner, a geology prof at the university in Ellensburg puts these together.

He invites the local community to evening lectures on particulular topics. Like the pleistocene Lake Missoula floods. Columbia River Basalt flows. Extinct rivers. Mega volcanoes. Exotic terranes, etc.

I now know I would not want to live in the Puyallup River drainage...yikes! Or the White River running off of Rainier.

Hours and hours of local and regional geology.

Absolutely nothing to do with any fing tigers.
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