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Old Man

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Eagles "Farewell Tour" on Amazon Prime Video. Great music, great group!
I have a few Eagles cd's and play them when I go fishing. I haven't fished for a while so no listening to them. I also have a few CCR's to. Maybe I'll go and get my fishing license and see if I still know how to cast a fly. Fishing is open in Montana.

Chic Worthing

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I am watching nothing. We are in the middle of upgrading our upper floor of our home and more specifically in the middle of refinishing the floors. So I can't get inside and we are 3 blocks away in our 5th wheel in one of 4 RV spots our subdivision has. We have power but no water until next week. I am rereading The Henry'S Fork by Charles Brooks.


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I really enjoyed this version, more so that the Daniel Craig movie (I liked it too). LOVED the books. Read them all twice.
I loved the books too and also liked the Swedish version of the movies better, tho I did like the Dan Craig one also. I watched all of them in one weekend around the holidays a few years ago.

Ron McNeal

Tony Clifton wanna-be....
I've enjoyed binging FAUDA, The Staircase, OZARK, Tiger King and now since I never watched it, I'm half-way through Breaking Bad.


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I lived in the sticks of central BC and had an antennae up on the roof. I got two channels and one of them not good. Lightning hit one day and thats was it for TV. Went without from 1995 until 2001. Had it again until 2011 and not since.

So I'm watching the clouds and the wind in the trees. One of the dogs is chewing on the other one's ear. Tomorrow I'll be watching for my strike indicator to go under. Before I sleep I entertain myself with a thing called "book". The current one is Jorge Luis Borges's Collected Fictions. Much better than anything I've seen lately on TV at my friend's places. I know a lot of people love TV but I learnt that I'd rather tie flies, fish or read. Pretty boring, eh.

I like your style.


Tying not fishing
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The Confluence Film movie Drift for free via Yellow Dog fly fishing, an entire film for free on Vimeo for each of the next five weeks. from their Instagram post April 10th. Drift was their first in 2008. Link
It was great.


My wife and I are addicted to British/Australian/New Zealand streaming detective series. We get them from Acorn and Britbox. There's so many different ones we watch I couldn't tell you the names of all of them. There is an older Sherlock Holmes series I watch that has the weirdest character as Sherlock Holmes I've ever seen. His expressions and mannerisms are a hoot. One our favorites is from Broken Wood from New Zealand... but we're now waiting for a new season to start.

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