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I just finished watching my DVR of “The Loudest Voice” about Roger Ailes and Fox News. Wow, Russell Crowe is really good.


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I watched all 8 episodes of this new Sci-Fi series on Amazon Prime called "Tales From the Loop". ... so I must have liked it ... I think.

The reviews are pretty much love/hate, which to me is a sign of something interesting. I would NOT recommend it if you like constant action, flashy special effects, and need clearly resolved plots. To be perfectly honest, it's kinda depressing, but in a bittersweet, gotta-find-out-where-hell-this is-going way. The Sci aspect is vague at best, so really the show is about thought provoking life choices that would otherwise be impossible. The acting is good, and the cinematography artfully done so there is that. Definitely a time killing head-scratcher if nothing else. There is some adult content so maybe not a family show.

Tales From the Loop


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Alright America, time to get back to normal. NASCAR leads the way, I checked it out 'cause it's raining.

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I just watched the trout highway after downloading an ap for Amazon prime movies that was posted here. An hour flew by watching what is arguably the best trout fishing in the US
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Thanks to @dustinchromers I started watching Cobra Kai on YouTube last night.

This show is amazing. So well written, so many good lines, and it is flipping my entire world view upside down. Daniel Larusso is a total d bag!

Can't remember the last time I watched a show with so many great lines.
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To get me excited about high lakes and streams this summer I've been watching Japanese hardcore wilderness genryu (translated headwaters) sawanobori (translated waterfall climbing) angler YT vids.

I especially like the The Genryu Izakaya channel. An "izakaya" is an informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks, like an Irish pub. They are well photographed-edited with a pleasant music soundtrack. These two have english sub-titles but I enjoy them even without being able to understand the dialogue.

I wish I was 30 years younger and could do stuff like that again.

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If you were 30 years younger you probably make all the same mistakes you did in those 30 years. You wouldn't be any wiser.

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