No Longer a Saltwater Virgin!!!

I went to Browns Point today after work. Fished from 5:30 to 8:00.
I caught my first fish ever in the saltwater using a fly rod. I Like It!!!!! :D .
It was a 20" hatchery Chinook. It hit my fly ran for deeper water immediately. In all, I had 3 good long runs before landing the fish. Quite the knuckle buster trying to learn how to palm the reel bawling: .
Unfornately, I did not bring a camera. Besides I was alone and would have probably dropped the camera in the water anyways.
Thank's Anil for the suggestion to try Brown's Point.
I ready to go out again in the morning. :)

Bill, you're in the danger zone. Abandon hope all yee who enter here. A little taste of salt water fly fishing is definitely addicting. Congrat's on the first saltwater ff! :beer2: and a very nice one at that.
I went out again today. First to Browns Point, then to Tacoma Narrows, then back to Browns Point for the sunset. Had a great day, no fish, but had fun with the new rod I picked up this morning at Puget Sound Fly Co.


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