(NFR) Do you carry a gun while fishing?

Do you carry a gun while fishing?

cmtundra said:
Who actually has a tale of someone being attacked or killed while fishing?
I don't remember exactly when this happened, maybe 8-10 years ago. A fisherman was killed on the SF Stilly after offering a young woman a ride. Again, I don't remember all the details. She either stabbed him or shot him in his truck, then she and her two male friends took his vehicle. He let her in his truck which proved to be a mistake, but she and her accomplices could have easily encountered him while he was on the roadside stringing up his rod.

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Do you carry a gun while fishing?

He wasn't fishing, he was just being a nice guy and gave this girl a lift out of the woods off of Scott road I believe,up by Granite Falls. He picked her up and she had him stop to pick up one of the males and they killed him for his pickup truck. It was kind of a sensless killing.

Since then I don't pick up any hitch hikers. No matter how old/young they are,unless I know them.


P.S. You used to be able to drive around up there in the woods and there were a few tranisent camps up in there. But since that killing they closed off that area. It is all gated now.
In an altercation, do not escalate. Unless you are facing an adversary armed with a deadly weapon, you may not use deadly force, and will be prosecuted for doing so. If you are on the loosing end of a fist fight and have a gun or a knife, you will probably use it, and you will be prosecuted.

Early on in my life my buddy and I were in a place back east we shouldn't have been in and got mugged by six adolescents in a parking lot. I use to carry an empty revolver; After they had popped my buddy, I grabbed the gun and made the big scene brandishing it and it scarred them off. I realized several things later. One, that if it had been loaded without any doubt I would have shot one of them; actually, I would have shot as many of them as I could have; that was my instinctual response to my gut level 'fight or flight' response: nuke'em. There was no reasoning involved, no calm head, it was automatic and immediate.

As scary as the situation appeared to be at the time, on retrospect it was just some young punk kids trying to be tough, and I would have escalated it well beyond any apparent need. A bloody nose, skinned elbow and damaged pride does not merit someone being dead. The other thing, if one of the muggers had a gun, I would have been shot, a result that I would not have liked, but a result that I would have been directly responsible for creating.

In the heat of an altercation, count on your "judgment" being quite poor, you're actions instinctual, and the likelihood of using a deadly weapon from anger or fear will be extremely high, automatic, and will escalate the situation. Instead of simple assault by the perpetrator, you're looking at manslaughter, with jail time, and civil defense costs taking your home and life savings, even if vindicated by a jury. Especially in King County, the prosecutor will try to make an example of you because that’s what you can expect from a bunch of flaming left of Mao Tse Tung liberals (fishing related, guns and political, three stars! buhya).

As a result largely of that experience, I do not carry outside the home for my personal protection. I do carry when going to the city after dark with my family: the legal standards are much more lax when dealing with coming to the aid or defense of another. Needless to say, in the event of a burglary, it's body bag time one step inside the door.

I have yet the pleasure to meet bhudda, but I bet if had he been carrying he would have used it, and that would have regretful only because of the consequences he might have faced. He has all of our sympathy because we know it could just as easily happened to any of us. What that guy did was outrageous and senseless, and I wouldn't be sorry if somebody took that guy out. But I would not have liked to see buddha, or anyone, get into the crap that would have hit him had he responded with a gun.

Be careful out there.
Ya, fair question, but it begs the initial question as to why carry a gun at all.

In any event: I was 17 at the time, to young to get a permit, and my Dad would have killed me if he even knew I had one, period, or that I had a reason to carry one. Carrying an unloaded pistol was not an criminal offense.

In fact the gun was a .22 cal revolver, and had no firing pin, so bullets were kinda optional under those circumstances. :rofl: But there was this gang from a rival high school that had targeted some of my friends and had tore up a couple of their cars, of course there was retaliation, and so they were trying to single out guys when the odds were 4 to 1 or so; I wanted an equalizer, and so I carried the pistol under my dash and a Louisville Slugger under my seat, and chains in the trunk. Something to do with a couple of girls (of course). So the answer to your question, like the reason we faced the problem in the first place, we were all young, bold and stupid, summer nights were long and hot, and kids got bored, beer was easy to get, and they had not yet created malls or the internet. Also, many were under the influence of gear fishermen, :eek:, and fly fishing was something done by the Vanderbilts in the Catskills.

The group that jumped me and my bud was a different gang entirely. Growing up in some places back east 30 years ago was not totally different than today, you had to watch your backside or could end up in the hospital; except today the guns are all high caliber and loaded, everybody is carrying, and they are well organized.

Fortunately, I wised up faster than most and got out of there when I went to college; many ended up in jail, thrown out of HS school, selling drugs, and others on the lam. The lessons are still with me today.


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"guns are stupid "

True. Last I heard, their IQ scores were very low and not one had graduated from an accredited college\university... But thanks for the reminder ;)


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I don't carry a gun fishing - anymore.
I used to carry a shotgun when I was guiding in Alaska but even that was more for reassuring clients against the 'threat' of bears. In five years of guiding and 15+ years of fishing in Alaska I never shot at a living thing. Did I have the shotgun out and ready? Yes, a few times but keeping cool and NOT using the gun got us out of those jams. The one time I can think of where I might have used the shotgun was when my tent got shredded, with me in it. Even then, ANY gun would have been useless - I had clients who could have been hit had I popped off a couple of rounds.

Carrying anything less than a Kasul, Desert Eagle, Ruger Super Blackhawk or at least a .357 will not stop the Boys in Brown Suits, a cougar or even a black bear that is intent on getting you. If you carry something small to ward of animals, you better file the front site off so when you jam it up your *ss to blow your head off right before you get munched, it doesn't hurt as much. Hand cannons don't fit in vests and aren't practical for carrying on stream - in this region.
I did carry a .32 special a few times fishing back East in the Appalachians after some run ins with the Boys from Deliverance (no, we didn't sqeal like pigs) but I strangely felt less safe and secure. My preference is to turn the other cheek while I dial 911 or beat feet to the nearest Ranger Station.
Plus, you know, when I'm fishing I like to have a couple of PBR's and maybe a snort or two of good whiskey and in my experience, guns and alcohol do not mix. Maybe I have my priorities mixed up but I'd rather have a frosty beverage than feel steel in my vest or waders. Just my penny...
Pack a weapon?
Hell! I don't even want to pack another flybox. Most flyfishers carry too much gear already to add the weight of a gun. The gun adds to their danger of drowning (a problem most flyfishers are more to face on a regular basis than a bad bubba). I want to simplify my time spent fishing. Just because it might work better I usually see no need to even carry a spare spool while beach fishing. Like Randy Knapp my Pflueger is heavy enuf. Packing a gun also weighs too heavy on the mind.

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No. Nothing against them. I have spent countless hours in crazy places. Here, there, everywhere and I have never once had an experience that left me wishing I had one. Even when I encountered the crazy squirrel hunter in the Southern Appalachians who was packing 4 rifles and a handgun. We talked about squirrels (in my thickest attempt at a Southern accent). I suppose I must be lucky.

Tyeechuck, good point, that's probably the best reason yet for not carrying. I feel like a pack mule as it is, and keep looking to find ways to drop more weight. I sure as heck don't want the weight of .357; might as well tie an anchor to my lapel.

I know, a gun bearer! I need a gun boy to tote my weapon of choice, and some beaters to chase off the other fishermen. :ray1: Who's up for a fishing safari? (sung to the tune of the Beach Boys' Surfing Safari).


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chadk said:
"guns are stupid "

True. Last I heard, their IQ scores were very low and not one had graduated from an accredited college\university... But thanks for the reminder ;)
Chad, most inanimate objects are stupid. It's the stupid animated ones you have to worry about. So, are folks with degrees safer because of them? :confused: :clown:

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