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Following , ordered my first vise today.
Looking at fabric store websites for practice materials...
Norm F has this tag line at the bottom of a post and I really wished I found this out the easy way rather than the hard "Poor quality materials and tools are destined to discourage beginner tiers and cause greater expense when the time comes to replace them". Just buy good stuff. You will get good before you've even burned through part of a saddle or roll of chenille. If you won't fish it cut it off and start over.


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Going to start with a spool of poly thread, and chennile. Looks like $4.
Then see if old eyes are up to the task.

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MGM Tom, I cannot help but mention that the comparison hook chart in the back of the Inland Flies book is great for help if one mfgrs stock is out and then compare another maker to get what you need. Good reference and good info on flies.


Living at the place of many waters
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I didn't read carefully. You have that book so you know the chart. Sorry for redundancy of info you know.
My old copy doesn't. One of the other books does though. That's part of the fun, looking through stuff. Usually end up on some tangent. I'm getting used to the internet but I still prefer paper.

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Some people like using books so they can see the specific technique as reference rather than scrolling back on a video. They may find that easier. I am just pleased I could help him...

Everyone is different. To me there is zero comparison to reading and looking at pics of a technique in a book versus actually seeing it in action.


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Have been looking at scflytying on YouTube.
Any other recommendations? has some good online lessons/tutorials and a bunch of step by step videos for recommended beginner patterns.

Martin Ord and Hans Weilenmann have great youtube videos, and there are many others.

On the book side, I've enjoyed looking at Les Johnson's book, which includes a lot of classic SRC patterns. youtube's been a great help but I also like the opportunity to just browse the patterns and go at my own pace. Best of both worlds I guess.

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