You Guys In Washington Deserve a Pat on the Back.


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I live in SE PA, where the COVID-19 virus is still spreading rapidly. My wife and I are here now, like you, sheltered in place. I feel a connection to many of you that participate on this forum, however, as I’ve spent much of my fishing time In MT, and other northwestern US states for many years. My best fishing friend lives in Washington, and I read this forum every day.

In reading this forum the past few weeks, I’ve come to sympathize, but appreciate, all that you’ve had to give up in this virus war. Your loss of jobs and income. Your loss of fishing privileges. But I’ve sensed, too, your will to win this battle.

This war is not yet won, but there are signs that we are beginning to win the battle. And you guys in Washington are among the winning leaders. I think each of you deserve a pat on the back. So, thank you.

An excerpt from the following article:

”On Friday Dr. Deborah Birx, the U.S. coronavirus response coordinator, praised California and Washington state for their social distancing efforts, claiming that they may have already slowed the spread of the virus and should serve as models for the rest of the nation..”

Here is also a portion of a statistical reporting compiled by the New York Times that I also read daily. You can see that Washington’s growth rate of this virus has now slowed considerably:

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