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In the last week while hold up I finished a rod that I had been working on sporadically for a couple of years. A Fisher 5/6 nine footer.

2020-04-06 10.25.36.jpg

2020-04-06 10.25.27.jpg

Nothing great, I'm not much of a rod builder. It does cast nicely, smooth and medium fast. I then built a rod case use black ABS pipe and painted it with spray paint- all from stuff that was laying around the house. I thought it was pretty cool until my daughter said that it looked like a watermelon. Still the potential for something neat is there if somebody had better artistic skills.

2020-04-06 10.23.48.jpg

2020-04-06 10.23.54.jpg



I think I have to agree with your daughter, it does looks like a watermelon. I keep all of my rods in some sort of tube. I make mine out of thin wall plastic pipe. I usually have to order it from a local hardware store. The big box stores don't want to order it for me. I haven't painted any of them, but I do clean off the lettering with acetone. I just finished the wraps on a new rod and will put the epoxy on the wraps tomorrow. My second rod in the last 2 weeks.

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