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I've been heavily considering diving into the world of rafts and fishing from a boat, and I'm in search for a little advice. I'm interested primarily in two things, using a raft as a drift boat and using that said same raft to take friends on whitewater. Ideally I would have a frame in it that is fairly modular in application so I could use it for both. I accept that the boat probably wouldn't be perfect for both applications, but good enough to get it done. I know NRS has some offerings but otherwise I'm pretty lost. Is there any recommendations y'all have? Is there any type of used market for this kind of stuff? Are any of y'all into both hobbies and have some sage advice?

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Check out mountainbuzz.com, rafting website.
lots of information there and a good source of used rafts for sale.
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You can find lots of great info in past threads on these forums.

NRS frames are quite popular for their adjustability and the fact you can interchange parts.

For example, for fishing you would probably want the NRS fishing seat bar which is elevated. However, NRS suggests this isn’t a great seating option for ww. You could use a cooler for a seat for ww.

Another ww option is to run the raft as a paddle boat without the frame.

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I've had Aire Super Duper Puma for several years. NRS Fishing frame and extra parts to make it just a whitewater boat or overnite trip. Photo from the Green below Flaming Gorge on a 3 day trip. Feel free to PM with questions.
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Most rafts that are reputable and have been around for a while will work for both fishing and whitewater. There are some features that are better for one application over the other. Self bailing and a little rocker is nice for rafting but also fishing. Lots of rafting companies charter trips with rafts without frames, probably because they want the clients actively involved in paddling (part of the fun) and it allows more people to ride inside (more money for business). Most rafts will have thwarts available for sitting for whitewater paddling with no frame but you will want to confirm. that. From a fishing standpoint, a well designed frame can go a long way for making a comfortable, pleasurable day on the water.

I'd figure out a budget first with the features that you must have (relative to your situation) whether you are talking new or used. If you are talking new, be prepared to spend at least a couple grand on the raft (assuming 13-14 foot range) but you could spend $5K or more if you want. Then I'd budget another couple grand on a frame and other accessories; lots of options available if you shop around. If you are not in a hurry and shop around, I'm betting you will be able to find a good used raft available that will meet your needs and budget.

One final consideration is transport. The great thing about whitewater is rafts are inflatable and most vehicles can carry a raft. Of course with all the other stuff, you probably won't fit everything in a 2-door sedan. But when you are talking a raft and frame, be prepared to put it on a trailer or plan on spending time at the put in and take out assembling and deflating raft/gear.


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I would strike up a dialog with BDD. He is quietly one of the most experienced with the raft universe on this or any site. It helps he knows the area so he can apply raft/craft to your use.

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