LTS Fly Reel THOR - Anyone Familiar


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Anyone familiar with the LTS Thor reel that can give me some insight.

Been thinking about adding an S handle reel to my 13'6" rod. I have an opportunity to purchase a Thor but cannot find any info on them other than the odd photograph. No Reviews. I am on a limited budget.

Any info/opinions/photos about the Thor appreciated.


Steve Saville

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Well....I bought a Thor rod several years ago. It was a 10' 3 wt. I paid only $20 plus shipping from England. It had the logo screen printed on the blank. The wraps were inconsistent and they were horrible on the top section. I gave it away a couple of months ago. Don't know if it's the same company but I'd be careful.


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Thanks, I did here from someone through email that there was an issue that developed with some but not all of the Thor reels. The gear inside was an issue and would cause the reel not to function correctly. The reel was only produced for 1 year.

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