Signs of Spring

Greg Armstrong

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Didn’t expect to see them. It was 34 here this morning and 32 yesterday morning, but went out for some fresh air and a little exercise today not far from home and got a pleasant surprise. There’s a small lake ( maybe it’s a large pond) that I know holds Largemouth. A crow flew alongshore near me, and I was surprised to see a swirl from a fish it had spooked right next to the grass along the bank. I snuck closer and there it was. 15” of Largemouth cruising along slowly. I spent another 30 minutes playing Heron (reminded me a little of bone fishing ala Bahamas!) and I spotted a couple more further down the shoreline. Not as fun as fishing maybe, but I gotta say it was not a bad substitute. I would have guessed the water hadn’t warmed up enough, but there they were.

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