books and shows during the lockdown?

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I hate to admit it but my wife and I have almost 2000 books. Most are paperbacks and I had to build a special book shelf in our basement that is designed to hold only that size books and is 8 feet wide, floor to ceiling. I think that on the shelf there are more than 600. Now we both read Kindles. I have a Nook also that has 65 books on it. Kindle Unlimited helps a lot with the newer books and authors. I still like the feel of a real book but I'm running out of room.:cool:


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Rewatched the AMC tv series 'The Terror' season one based on Dan Simmons' superb speculative history book on Sir John Francis' failed expedition to find the Northwest Passage.
As for books, am finishing up sci-fi author Stephen Baxter's latest 'World engines: Destroyer', wherein Mars' moon Phobos turns out to be a way station for travelers from different alternate universes. Excellent writer.


I practice social distancing
Gogol's The Nose

Perfect nonsense goes on in the world. Sometimes there is no plausibility at all

Big Tuna

Wendell Berry, A Place on Earth
Wendell Berry, The World Ending Fire
David Brooks, The Second Mountain
Erik Larson, The Splendid and the Vile

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