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"Two hands are better than one!"! Right now I'm in the middle of adding 6" fighting butt/lower hand grip to all my single hand rods...

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This discussion got me thinking about casting a short fiberglass 7 weight, and I think I like the idea. I might have to get me one of those Echo's ... or?

(I checked a few... out of my league $$-wise!)
Older Fenwick fiberglass FF80, A true 7wt and can be had for around $100 and not to hard to find. Great rod that can throw some line and is a blast to fish.


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Check out the Cabelas CGR 7/8 glass rod. Just 7'6" it casts a 7 wt line fine, but might be hard to cast an 8 wt line real far. It would be great for sight fishing however: One quick false cast and it will shoot a line a medium distance and drop it on the fish's nose.


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Consider a two hand rod. It'll save your wrist and shoulders. Meiser makes the 909 series, a shorter stout rod for the beach. At least read the story about them on their website. Designed for people like you..


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A two hander is a bit much for sight fishing on shallow saltwater beaches and thick mangroves.


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If you can locate one Winston made an 8'3" BL5 in an 8 weight. I use mine for sight fishing carp. A lot of the old quality glass rods were made 8' for 7wt. Phillipson, Berkley, Browning, SA system 7 was 8'5". You can find a lot of the old rods in 7 or 8 weight for pocket change. The lighter weights are in higher demand a lot harder to find and more expensive when you do find them.


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I find that my accuracy really suffers when casting a soft fiberglass rod, in comparison with a fast action graphite stick. That factor is enough for me to never consider a glass rod for the type of fishing that this thread started off being about.

I am a fan of shorter rods for sight fishing though, especially casting from a boat. I still regret not buying the TFO mini mag when I had it in my hands. It was a nice rod!


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We all begin to look for something a little different as Father Time introduces himself.( Will be 75 in a couple of weeks) I recently purchased a new, shorter rod myself. I considered three at the time. They are the Sage Payload, Loomis Shorestalker and the Burkheimer Streamer. All three are a bit under 9’ and very light weight. I settled on the Burkheimer as I have a number of them and am somewhat of “Burkie Nut”. I found a new 8’8” 7wt on the internet which saved me a few months waiting time. Under the current circumstances I have not fished it yet. In my yard it is a really easy casting rod. Less effort than many. It is maybe the most accurate rod I have cast. I’m somewhat of a hacker but believe it would also be capable of very decent distance in more capable hands. It is also easy to cast some really big flies as well. I have no reason to believe that the Sage or Loomis would also had these qualities too. This also would provide options in three different price ranges. Good luck, I hope this was helpful.

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I've never felt my accuracy has ever suffered when fishing glass, and I fish a lot of it. A little proper form goes a long way. The only drawback for me is when a heavy wind pops up. Even then, I can throw my BAG as it's pretty easy to generate plenty of line speed for all but the nastiest wind. Just as with graphite, all glass isn't the same. It would sound pretty ridiculous to make a blanket statement that all graphite rods are stiffer than tomato stakes. If you can càst some rods, that's ultimately the best way to figure out what's best for you.

But yeah, too bad those minimags were discontinued. I liked my 8-10 so much, I found and bought another. Took some time though...

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