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TeleMedical Appointments ROCK!

I had my first TeleMedical appointment yesterday. It was easy and quick. I actually was able to work with my Primary Medical Practitioner (PCP). It normally takes 3 weeks to see my PCP and I was able to see her (virtually) in under an hour! I called up the coordinator and requested an appointment and 45 minutes later I was talking with my PCP. If I went into the office I would see a doctor, not my PCP, after waiting a couple of hours or more in the visitor lounge since I could not wait 3 weeks to see my PCP. Who knows what I was exposed to while waiting... To me that is always scary. The medical professionals say people/patients are exposed to some of the worst things in a hospital setting. With TeleMedical appointments I am NOT exposed to anything! It also saved me and the insurance a bunch of money for a face-to-face appointment!

It was non-Covid19 related for sure. A nurse called me up and ensured I was able to install and setup the Zoom application correctly. She then asked the general questions about my health e.g. BP, weight, temp, current meds, etc. beforehand. At the time scheduled I met my PCP online. The PCP had the relevant information. They had me check certain things they would normally check for related to my issue. They even told me what and WHY they were doing that. Rarely does the why ever get communicated!! It was a focused discussion and soon an antibiotic prescription was sent to my pharmacy.

I am sure TeleMedical appointments would also be beneficial for Covid19 issues. Just glad I do have to worry about that now...

Quick, easy, on-time, lower cost and less exposure to more serious issues. I hope that this methodology becomes the norm for 'everyday' type conditions that are easily handled... It will also allow our medical professionals to concentrate on more face-to-face for more serious health conditions in a timely manner. IMHO ---> win, win, win for all!
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I've done a few, one recent one with my PCP, just a phone call. She's great and I can get a hold of her pretty easy through the MyChart app for my Overlake doctor's. I generally send her a message, unless it's urgent!

I've been seeing a therapist as well, and met her in person the first time, but am now doing TeleMedical calls or just phone calls. I will be speaking with her today, and find it very helpful! The really nice thing, beyond talking with her and venting on my week(s) is that my insurance doesn't charge me a copay for Telemedical calls! It would be $40 and now it's zero!

I would actually like to see her in person, just like the many doctors I have on my team, but saving money is always good and I can get things done sitting on my couch or in my car! I have been driving out to a few spots on the river for my therapy calls and just using my phone to teleconference with her!


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i am on a 3 month call back at SCCA but this month my oncologist and i agreed to do a telemed appointment instead, should be pretty different but better than driving over to Seattle from Sequim.

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