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Relatively new to fly fishing,and after a few answers.I really like dry fly fishing and have done quite well on both small commercials and larger venues,ie brenig,however I have personally found that casting to a rising fish even when I make a good cast with my as yet limited ability,I never get a pretty much immediate take,I find I have to wait some time especially on the smaller waters.Is this because I am not putting the fly down gently enough or is this quite normal?
sometimes I leave it in 5/10 minutes before I get a take if at all.
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I assume you're fishing a lake if you're leaving it on the water for 5 or 10 minutes. That can work although consider twitching the fly a bit if there isn't a take, at least until it sinks and needs to be recast!

I love dry fly fishing on rivers and small creeks! I've done short drifts, where the fly is in the "zone" for seconds and maybe only a 5' or 10' section. I love the intensity of casting to a specific spot, especially if you know there is a fish or are actually sight fishing for it!

Dry fly fishing is all about hitting those "magic" hours or short periods of time when the fish are rising and they're slamming you fly. If you're lucky or more knowledgeable than me, you have the right fly on and don't lose it or get a cluster fuck of a tangle while it's going on!

I love fishing my bambo rod, my Tenkara and my Rainshadow 6' 4pc 2wt for small creeks and streams!

A dry and a dropper is probably my favorite way to search for fish, if you don't see signs of rising fish or can't spot them in the water. Learn to read the water, and search for spots were you think they'll be!!

"Only three more years until I can think like a fish!" A line from A River Runs Through It!

Also watch for signs like birds feeding low to the water. That means the bugs are there, and that can be when the fishing gets good. Sometimes it doesn't develop, maybe the fish are spooked or aren't there! Thats the time to move on.. or light a cigar, drink some scotch or bourbon and sit back and watch! Plus a good chance to BS with the person you're with or think about the important stuff in your life!

Good luck! Hope I didn't ramble too much...


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Remember that when you see a fish rising in lake it's moving. So if you put the fly where you saw the rise, it may already be gone from there. Try to see which direction it was moving (not always easy) and cast somewhat ahead to intercept.
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