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Has anyone heard more information regarding Struble Mfg? I know they changed owners some time ago and the new owners cut back offerings (a lot!) for reel seats, etc. I just visited their website which only has this message:

"Struble Mfg. Co. production is suspended indefinitely. We are not accepting new orders. BEGINNING APRIL 1, 2020 remaining inventory and stock items will become listed at discounted prices on this site. Inquiries invited: we welcome inquiries into the sale of Struble Mfg. Co. Serious inquiries only, please. Questions: email [email protected]."

Tom Bowden

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As I understand it, the business was purchased by a Portland doctr in 2005. In 2012 they stopped production. My guess is that they have some leftover items that the owner wants to sell.

I was a big fan of their D1 and D3 reel seats, which I’d order with beautiful teak inserts. After the Struble family sold the business, the teak inserts were discontinued, and quality suffered. This was a great supplier and I really miss their products.


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Funny you should ask ;) ...Just posted this in the Rodbuilding section:

On June 5th, a friend and I finalized our acquisition of Struble Manufacturing from Jeff Pentecost and have moved it to my home of the last 35 years, Bozeman, MT. Here, Struble is now operating under the same roof as Shopkeeper Fly Rods.

I still find this hard to believe; I’m very humbled to be part of the next chapter of Struble.

If you’re like me, you remember Struble as the world’s premier manufacturer of reel seats. When I was in college and for some years after, I poured over the Struble catalog looking for the perfect seat for practically every rod I built. Struble Manufacturing has a formidable presence in the contemporary history of rod building in this country, and as I’ve sorted through the inventory we purchased, seeing once again the various models and the attention to detail and innovation Struble applied to its products, I’ve become even more aware of the hole left in the craft of rod building by its absence from the reel seat market.

Of course, there are some fine reel seats and hardware available today; I’ve used them on Shopkeeper rods and will continue to do so. Still, our ultimate vision is to reintroduce select Struble models for today’s rod makers. We know this won’t happen overnight and we are only in the very beginning stages of this journey, but we’re looking forward to the process.

Our initial vision is to reintroduce three Struble seats to market. We have an example of nearly every seat Struble manufactured (and, holy cow, there were a lot of them), so we have a job cutting down to three. We're thinking of an all-around (5-7 wt) threaded seat, a small trout (1-4 wt) seat and an all-metal seat. We're not machinists, we just love the Struble products and legacy so we're in the process of talking to shops to get an idea of cost.

However we go forward, we will stick with these objectives:

1) It will be American made.
2) It will be of the same quality expected from Struble.
3) It will be as affordable as possible.

For the past 8 years or so, Struble has largely been a website selling premium agate guides, grips, and winding checks, with some larger accounts for the guides. Our goal is to continue Jeff's exceptionally high quality agate guide production and plan to spend time with him this summer learning the art of agate guide production. He has set us up well and we’re looking forward to crafting them and continuing Struble’s recent legacy of agates that enhance any rod. Our goal is to be producing these again by September 1, 2020.

We’ve also finally got the Struble website back up and able to take orders for inventory we recently moved from Portland to Bozeman. However, as a “thanks” to the people of WFF, for the next week if you order something from the Struble website ( and message me through WFF, I’ll issue you a partial refund on the sale:

1) $2.00 off grips
2) $2.00 off Inserts (fits Struble, Lemke LC1, and Bellinger 640)
3) $1.00 off winding checks
4) Free cap with any order

Again, this is my way of saying “thanks” to everyone I’ve benefitted from on these sites and for the kind words along the way.

Thanks for reading through this; we'll keep you posted on our progress as we commence this new enterprise…We’re excited about Struble and hope you will soon be as well.


Shopkeeper Fly Rods
Struble Manufacturing
Bozeman, MT.

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