First pattern you’ll fish after the lockdown?


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It was none of the above after all. I used the old standby Chumbody's Baby. Seven to hand in less than an hour and a half. All but one were pretty small. That felt so good!
Nice. I stuck with my initial choice but tried many others. Not even a bump. But I put some work in learning on my new-to-me two hander. I’m blaming any skunkiness on my reduced range with that thing

Gary Knowels

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I have to teach until 3:00, but I should be on a beach by 3:40 throwing a chum fry styled flatwing at them. Not the best tide timing, but it is the window that I have.


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Finally able to get out this morning for the first time since the closure. This was the first fly I fished and it was eaten a few times by SRC. Unfortunately, nothing bigger than 11-12 inches all morning. Still nice to feel some tugs after that hiatus.

sorry for the weird pic.....must have had water on the lens.


pollen is crushing my truck. Maybe I’ll wash it this afternoon...



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Sculpin pattern on the Yakima. Then a Chubby Chernobyl just for giggles. BTW, are concussion grenades legal on the Yak? Maybe just an itty bitty one?


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Some success with the Clayton rip-off Silver Surfer the other day.
Seems to be a 4:1 small to normal fish ratio this week.
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