SW Washington-Siouxon Creek

I'm interested in checking Siouxon creek out. It empties into the east side of Yale reservoir.

I had good success at nearby NF Lewis River, above Swift reservoir, and was curious if this little creek might be just as good.

Anyone out there fished it? or at least heard of it? Any info would be helpful.

I have fished Siouxon Creek once or twice. I only caught small fish, but it is a beautiful stream. The roads to it are pretty rough. I also had some good luck up at NF Lewis last week the fishing was very good for nice sized trout. You might try Canyon Creek too, you have to drive right by it to get to Siouxon it can be worth stopping at, very pretty area as well.

Actually, I was up at NF Lewis last Monday morning, I think I saw you just below that bridge fishing next to the spincaster. Within the first five minutes of me getting there, you had already caught two fish. I had the same success upstream from the bridge. Caught a couple of real nice ones 18" and 17". Many others in the 12-14" range. Have you fished the NF Lewis upstream of that section?

Tried Canyon creek in July with success. Caught many 5-9" fish. That was a beautiful setting.

Last question, did you fish Siouxon creek near the inlet to Yale?

Yes, that was me fishing there. I have fished upstream at the Lower Falls campground. Below the falls but haven't had any luck that far up. But that was a few years ago when I was relatively new at stream flyfishing. And above the falls as well, I hear that there are some brook trout in there, but again no luck. I haven't fished Siouxon near Yale farther up usually. I don't know how to get near the mouth.
I was planning on going to Siouxon today, but the way I planned to go was not accessable to the public. So I just went back to NF Lewis at Eagle Cliff. Very windy, many strikes, few fish hooked. Managed to wrestle four in.

Got tired of fishing that spot and went 10 minutes up the road. Fished 30 minutes, caught 5 fish. Very strong fish, two nice ones (chunky 13" and 12").

Brook trout above the falls, huh. I'll have to try that sometime.

One more question, how far up canyon creek do you fish?