Kelly Crick Report: 7/12-7/17

Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
There have only been a couple of times in my life when I have done something so amazing that I was scared to ever do it again because I knew it would most likely never be so amazing again. Tromping 10 miles up Kelly Creek last week was one of them. Hundreds of fish. Abundant sunshine. Random windstorm. Excrutiating sunburn on backs of knees. Moose encounters. 12 fish over 14", 5 fish over 15". Plunge pools. Riffles. Meadows at sunrise. Profound body odor.

Best flies: Green and Orange Stims. Joes and Daves. Various humpies. Lots of others in different situations; Mad X in deep holes. Golden stonefly nymphs.

Hatches: Ginormous stoneflys. Assorted tiny things.

Equipment: Optimal! 3 wt TFO Lefty Kreh professional, 4 wt Orvis Trident. Idaho fishing costumes (hickory shirt with sleeves cut off, swim trunks, New Balance sneakers, wool socks, Keystone Light hat).
Just curious if you were hiking with a buddy, and camped on the gravel bar the first night. If so, we chatted a couple times, I was driving the gray pathfinder, camped just across from you, and also saw you as we worked down the river the second day. We were only up for one night so we had a short hike the second day.
Sounds like you had a great time. We also saw a moose and caught quite a few fish, many small, but still fun. Saw some big dawgs in some of the deeper pools, but they weren't interested.
Glad you had a good time. My buddy and I talked several times about how you guys were doing it right.
By the way how did you like that deer that came into camp the first night. We though it was one of you guys coming over to chat as we sat around the fire until I turned on the flash light and saw the doe only a few feet away. When you are sitting next to a fire looking out it gets dark quick, I was surprised she came right up to the fire. I thought she was heading your way when she left us.
Anyway, glad you had a good time.

Jake Smulkowski

Throwing hoppers into baetis falls
Hey! That was us. You were the guys who stole our firewood? :) We thought you guys had a good idea when we saw you fishing where you were and working down - a nice spot for a day hike.

That deer was pretty cool. We saw the headlamps and heard the snorting, and then saw a dark form bolt through our camp. Lotsa wildlife up there. Sounds like you had a nice trip as well.
Yeah we took the fire wood, and I feel pretty bad now. But at the time we first came through it didn't look like anyone was staying and I was just picking up wood as I walked the bank. You guys didn't have a camp or anything. :confused: That is why I asked the second time, and when you said you were thinking about staying, my buddy and I actually talked about bringing some back. I guess we should have. :beathead: Sorry man.
I am glad you had a great trip though.
My wife and I were also on Kelly on 7/15, 16, and 17. We were camped on the beach on the far side and downstream from Moose cr.
We had our best fishing on the run right in front of our camp. My wife caught several that went 15 to 17 inches and I caught a big hooked nose male that didn't quite stretch 20 inches.
We also had a couple of otters playing in the creek and saw 3 elk and a moose. Also had an osprey working the canyon the whole time.
Had a great time and wore our arms out.

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