The Thread We Need: WA Wolf Population Up Again


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4 or 5 Shrute boys could decimate an entire forest of its deer in a single night. Like lambs to the slaughter.
And like Mose the Beat Bandit, you'll do it while wearing socks to not leave footprints.
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David Loy

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I worked in the woods, and like all who do we’d joke about tackling a deer. A friend while in Florida was on a crew brushing line, and they came upon a small deer with nowhere to go but the path straight at them. One of the guys tackled the deer. Wrong! Deer are all bone. “That deer kicked the shit out of him.”


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So I was at a conference last fall where Donny Martorello (WDFW Wolf program leader) led a panel discussion on lessons learned from the last 10 years he’s been doing the job. You wanna talk about walking a political tightrope? Wow. Say what you want about wolves in WA. That is a tough job.

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