Smallmouth and water temperature questions


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I've been holding off, but today I checked the temperature at lower monumental on the snake, which was 51 degrees this morning. It's been coming up 1 degree every 2-3 days. Since I'm moving beyond just going out and chucking plugs, and going to attack them more seriously with my fly rod, I got a question. For smallmouth, should that temperature should have brought them from deep holding areas, to being staged at deep edges or just getting up onto spawning areas now, or soon, is that correct? I just don't have enough past experience to know yet for these eastern Washington areas. I love fishing bass on the snake now but have to put the same effort as I do to trout. I figure we actually may get to it May 4, or not too long thereafter, so just trying to figure where to target when we get back at it. Thx


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I believe some smallmouth will move up and
and stage in areas close to if not in spawning areas with those temps. Smallmouth are more active in that temp than Largemouth though Largemouth can start to move in those temps as well.

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