Survive the Sound..... Steelhead Migration Tracking Game

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You guys want to Race "acoustically-tagged" Steelhead smolts?

We could have a little impromptu winner- Bragging rights? Winner donates?

maybe some categories like first to die...
who made it the farthest...

Below is a a screenshot, you'll need to click the link above

If you guys want, we could have an internal team of WFF to compete against all the other teams (lots are schoolkids and classes etc)

From the website:
"Long Live the Kings and our partners use high-tech acoustic tags to track steelhead migration from their natal rivers in Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean. Learning where mortality occurs helps determine how fish are dying and provides a framework to address the underlying causes. Recognizing that data gleaned from this tagging process could also be used to create a competitive game that visually demonstrated the problems our research has uncovered, LLTK created Survive the Sound.

After the project’s successful pilot year in spring 2017 with the assistance of Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, LLTK partnered with NOAA to create a no-cost educational toolkit for classrooms. The toolkit, combined with other improvements to the game, encouraged local businesses to sponsor the program as an annual campaign. During the 2018 campaign, educators who enrolled in Survive the Sound reported serving up to 30,000 students and participants from the general public increased nearly threefold from the previous year! Impressively, over 90% of participants reported that they were more likely to change their behavior to protect salmon and steelhead after participating in the game.

In honor of International Year of the Salmon (2019), LLTK is made Survive the Sound free to all participants! We relaunched a new website at, with the support of sponsors like Anthony’s Restaurants, in March of 2019 after refinements to the game’s application and educational offerings are complete. The migration, for all to watch, will take place May 4-8."
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