Scandi heads and polyleader?

Drifting man Grann

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I have a couple quick questions about polyleader length. My Rod is a Saige one 6wt 12.6. I have an airflo 390 scandi Conpact line for it. Most of my fishing has been with the Skagit set up but this year I want to learn the Scandi.

What length and sink rate of polyleader would be best?
Do I have the right size Scandi head for my rod?

Thank you

Bob Rankin

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I use 10’ to 12’ polyleaders on my 12’8” 6wt Burkie. Mostly just the floating and intermediate tips, and a 420gr rage head. It’s a pretty good combo.

Joshua L

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I’m a fan of the 10’ ft polyleaders on a similar length rod. Floating, intermediate, sink all good. To start, casting will be easier with a sink, my favorite is the 3.2 (?) ft/ sec, I think it is airflos extra fast sink. More stick on your anchor, less blown anchors... Can’t speak to the grains on your rod but sounds about right! Have fun!


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The RIO grain guide is a good place to start when buying line for a rod based on that chart you're right in the recommendation.

Whether or not it's easier throwing poly's I'd say depends on your casting style. If you're throwing singles and snake-rolls (splash-n-go) then mono leader and unweighted flies are eaiser to cast. If you're throwing sustained anchor casts (snap-T, double-spey, etc) then there's some advantage to having a poly leader or tip to help with the anchor.

The 10' poly seems like a good length for your rod. Get out there (if your legal jurisdiction allows it) and cast with and without the poly leader and let us know how it goes!


I fish a 10' floating Poly with a 390 Scandi Compact on my Loop Exact 12'6 6 weight, it being my favorite set up for A run fish on the Clearwater. I can't compare the Loop to your Sage but you are probably in the ballpark.


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i like the rage a little better with poly sink leaders. but then i am proably more of a sloppy caster than most guys. i do use them with my scandi just not over 10ft and then keeping it slow and trying not to cast it like its a skagit.


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You could try the 390, with an Int poly for starters. But that rod's more of a true six.
You might like a 420 compact with a mono leader better though, dryline time's a comin'.
Polys get heavier as sink rate increases, for any given length. So if the line still feels light, try a heavier poly.
For head length, try a head that's 2.5X rod length or so. Especially important if you're underhanding.
You doing sustained anchor or T&G?

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