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bawling: Hiked up to a mountain lake this morning north of big four ice caves.
Got to the lake around 7:30 ish , not a bad hike but 2 months after knee surgery it was tuff. Any way after getting in the float tube (old quiet sport)
I worked my way across to the inlet stream. All of a sudden I here the dreaded sound of a HISSSSSSSSSSSS. Oh crap (not what I yelled) and I started finning for the shore about 50 ft away. By the time I got to where I could get my feet on solid ground the float tube had stopped breathing. I was in shock, my float tube of over 12 years was dead . My budd made his way over to where I was in his fancyass outcast u-boat,and said he had just witnessed a site ,he thought I was Jesus as I had walked on water. Needless to say I had nothing to say except ?>*&%#@! and how am I going to get back. There is no trail around the lake. I'll hike along the shoreline back with my bum knee and all. Well that didnt work as water is now flowing into the waders and I'm not happy. After giving my Bud my fly rods and attaching my lifeless float tube to his cabin cruiser I held on to the front of his tube and made around the lake to a point close to where I got in. After getting out and changing out of my wet clothes I packed up and got ready to go. Jose did not want to stay and fish if I was not going to fish, so we headed back down the trail . Moral of this story is dont hike with a bad knee and wear a PFD.
Oh the float tube is now in my yard for visitors to come by and give their respects. :rolleyes:Ps the flies are real bad up there
Forgot to add that no fish to either tube ,and only saw 4 rises. Did bring home alot of mono line that was on the shore and some worm containers and pop cans .


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Nice report. I'm sure I'll never get to that lake and fish it, but I'm pleased to know that you did and that you left it in better shape than you found it. :thumb:

Glad to hear you made it out alright.

I was float tubing once, and suddenly felt myself sinking. With my heart racing, I franticly grab hold of my tube and looked around to figure out why I was sinking. The tube was still solid, but the dual zippers to the nylon cover had seperated. I had always kept the zippers in the middle just behind me without thinking this would ever cause a problem, but all it took was for those zippers to be slightly seprated, and with my weight on the seat added, it forced them apart further. So I pulled my weight up onto the tube itself rather than the seat, and kicked myself to shore. I had to release quite a bit of air to zip it back together, so luckily I always keep the mouth piece adapter for the air valve in one of my pouches.

Moral of the story: pull the zippers towards one of the ends, never keep them centered! I made it out alright, but almost lost my flyrod when my heart skipped a beat!
With closer examination today of the inner tube ,I see it is rotten and I can pull the rubber apart by hand. Time for a u-boat now. The belly boat is a bitch to get into anyway, I need to find one that had the features this had,back straps etc.

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If you are on the market for another try out the Kennebec by Trout Unlimited. It only weights in at 12lbs.

I'm not affilated with anything. It's just that I think that this is a good float tube. I have tried the other one by Trout Unlimited and have found it wanting. There is also the Day Tripper by Water master,but a bit heavy to be lugging around. While there are many out there these are just a few to think about.

Plus the price was right when I got mine.

I had the same thing happen at Ebey one time. Just as I was getting out past the sticks (there is a big area of fallen timber and old growth stumps in the lake), I hear a sssssssssssss. Turned for shore but got about half way there before I was essentially scooting from one log to the next with the my buddies help (or help from his u-boat since he was laughing so hard he couldn't breath). I finally got out, cold and wet I ran back to the car, deposited the old boat in the back of the truck, put on some really stinky old, previously wet stuff from the back of the truck and ran back up to the lake with the spare u-boat. I remember the fishing was good and I smelled really bad.
I havent fished Ebey since the road closed but that is one lake I would not want to loose air in because of the snags stumps logs etc. But that was damn good fishing up there. :thumb:

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